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Posted 3/12/2018, Revised 12/13/2018

Once you read this ten part series on Islam you will recognize the perversion and evil, this so called religion of peace teaches and practices. Islam has no place in the modern world and should banned. We do not support violence of any kind. We urge to protest through the ballot box.

The information on this website was composed by a team of Ph.D’s

Series 1: Islam

Our first ten-part series is aimed at exposing Islam and calling for its world-wide ban:

  1. Islam is Perverted and Violent
  2. The Qur’an, Hadith, Sharia Law and the Prophet Cannot be God’s Revelations
  3. The Prophet & Aisha, the 6-Year-Old Virgin Girl
  4. Sharia is derived from the Qur’an; You Cannot Separate Them; Home Grown Terrorism is Here to Stay and Grow in the West
  5. Islam is not a Religion, It is a Violent Political Ideology
  6. Western European Countries Have Already Become Failed States
  7. The Catholic Pope, British, French, Swedish, German, Italian and Liberal Western Leaders are the New Converts and Protectors of Islam and Sharia;
  8. Military Takeover/Rule in the Middle East is the Only Way Forward
  9. Islam/Sharia is a Religion Based on Fear and Intimidation; Anyone Who Questions any Aspect of the Quran, Sharia Law or the Hadith is Guilty of Blasphemy
  10. Baba Vanga; A Blind Bulgarian Mystic, Clairvoyant and Herbalist

Has Predicted Many Things Including the Rise of ISIS and the   September 11, 2001 Attacks on the USA


We take an old school, traditional and conservative approach in all of these papers. The liberal and democrat political parties have become too idealistic and economical with the truth. They no longer represent the average person.

Most of the world’s religions teach that God created men and women as equals. In Islam, Allah the Devil and his Prophet Muhammad the Evil were created by only men.

Islam Uprising

Islam is radical. It is not a peaceful religion. It is a religion directed by cowardly men that hide behind women and children using them as  literal body shields, placing them in the line of fire in order to protect themselves from harm. We invite you to carefully read these papers and verify all of this important information for yourselves. Our papers will prove the following beyond any reasonable doubt:

  • Islam is a political ideology of extremism, radicalism, fear, child rape, suppression, perversion and violence.
  • Islam is at war with Christianity and the world.
  • Islam brings nothing but misery to its followers, the West and the entire human race.
  • Allah (the devil), Prophet Muhammad(the evil), Hadith and Sharia Law are all Islam.

More than 95% of Muslims do not know the truth about Islam nor are they aware of many of the facts described in these papers. They are taught prayers and recitations by evil religious scholars, imams, sheiks, mullahs, ayatollahs, Al-Azhar faculty that purposefully hide the truth in order to control them.

Anni Cyrus is an Iranian born woman forced into marriage at the age 9. As a young child she was beaten, raped and imprisoned and discovered the truth about Islam firsthand. Today, she is a human rights activist exposing the truth about Islam. We are not in any way affiliated with Ms. Cyrus, but we applaud her efforts and hope to join her in educating readers about the real Islam.


Ban this violent, perverted and oppressive political ideology known as “Islam.” The mainstream media, in particular CNN and MSNBC along with Germany’s Angela Merkel and Pope Francis have sheltered and protected Islam preventing the truth from being widely known. They are now the anti-Christ of the 21st century.

Belgium and Sweden Need their Armies, NATO Forces and or Russia to Help Rid Them of Islam

In Belgium, 77% of native Francophones and the Dutch speaking Flanders believe the Muslim invasion has taken over their country. Swedish natives are arriving at the same conclusion as their Belgian counterparts. They are witnessing firsthand the destruction of the idyllic Swedish way of life, which is being devoured by the massive influx of Muslim refugees.

Blonde haired blue eyed Swedish women are being raped by Muslim men at near epidemic proportions by immigrants who feel it is their Islamic right. Similarly, they feel just as entitled to establish No-Go Zones, implement sharia law and live off the Swedish welfare system.

Sweden: Muslims and rape: a new hell for Swedish women

There is only one solution  for Belgium and Sweden, and that is to ban the practice of Islam within their borders. Muslims should be given the choice to renounce the practice of Islam or be sent back to the hell they came from. They need to enlist the help of NATO forces or Russia to held rid them of this plaque called Islam. The next twelve paper Islam Uprising series will delve more deeply into the details supporting these statements.

Unfortunately, the recently elected French President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron has proven to be far too liberal when it comes to dealing with Islam. He is a weak president that bows to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her European Islamization policies.

Muslims Riot in Gotherberg Sweden  posted 8/17/2018

 Sweden’s battles with their countries imams is waging out of control. Just a few days ago Muslim youth gangs rioted in the streets of Gothenberg. At least 80 vehicles were reported to have been set on fire near Malmo and Helsingborg. All Sweden’s weak Prime Minister Stefan Löfven had to say about the riots was, “I get pissed off for real,” adding he wanted to ask the perpetrators “what the hell are you doing?”

When will we hear a prime minister say, “I am banning Islam,” or “If you follow Islam, go back!”? Sweden needs to request the help of the Russian military to expel all Muslims from their country. NATO is a useless organization that is run by liberal Muslim supporters that will do nothing. The United States and Russia need to unite to avoid nuclear war instigated by Islam.


Sharia Law Overtakes the Greek Courts

Greece is now the only European Union country with a legally sanctioned Islamic sharia religious court for their Muslim minority. These  Islamic courts have legal authority to rule in family law matters such as divorce, child custody and inheritance, and are given priority over long established Greek family courts of law.


Have the Greeks gone completely mad? Why are the cowardly religious orthodox leaders not taking a stand against this? Why are they not defending Christianity? Greece is a Christian nation. Muslims and their sharia are nothing but poison to Greek society both in the short and the long term.


The self-serving traitor and Communist Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his government should be tried for selling out the Greek people and the Greek Christian base to a violent perverted religion called Islam. The Greek government is now fast-tracking residency visas for Muslim immigrants in an effort to gain their votes in elections. We call on the Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens to wake up and defend the Greek Orthodox religion from being overtaken by Islam, or resign from your position.

European Politicians are Appeasing Iran

The ignorant foreign born, British politician Boris Johnson made the same mistake Neville Chamberlain. European leaders should be careful in failing to support the US for fear of alienating their greatest and strongest ally. The United States of America should only rely on the full support of Israel, their most loyal ally. The brutal Iranian leaders will never honor any deals. Iranian mullahs never negotiate agreements they actually intend to honor.

On September 28, 1938, Prime Minister and weak ideologue Neville Chamberlain, stated, ” … We regard the agreement signed last night and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again.” Two days later upon his return from meeting with Adolf Hitler, Neville Chamberlain declared, “Peace for our time”, after signing the Munich Agreement.


European leaders are repeating history and appeasing Iran. Why do the United States Democrats always blame America first during these difficult times with Iran and North Korea? Why have most European politicians not learned from history how appeasing Hitler caused the Second World War?

Austria Shuts Down Seven Mosques

Finally, on June 8, 2018, Austria became the first Western European nation to take decisive action against the evils of Islam when they closed down seven mosques within their borders and initiated deportation procedures for 60 Turkish funded imams and their families. The young Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has broken loose from Chancellor Andrea Merkel’s Muslim cage. He understands that Islam is a violent political ideology. The next step for Austria is to deport the nearly 600,000 Muslims living there to Germany’s Muslim hell.


Italy’s New Government

Will the new Italian populist government follow Austria’s lead? The newly elected Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his Interior Minister Matteo Salvini need to act now and send back their Muslim refugees. If they continue to follow Andrea Merkel and accept more Muslim immigrants, Italy will most certainly lose its identity. The young European natives are finally waking up and realizing the consequences of the Muslim invasion intended to rob them of their religion, culture, history and country. Italy is better off without the shackles of the European Union. They should get out!

On June 10, 2018, Matteo Salvini, Italy’s new Interior Minister and head of the anti-immigrant League, made good on his promise to stop Muslim immigration by shutting Italy’s ports to a rescue boat carrying 600 Muslim refugees. France’s President Emmanuel Macron has joined forces with the new Italian government, agreeing to work together to reform the current system. A zero tolerance policy is the only option. Banning Islam cannot be negotiable. Europeans must band together now to save their countries, or surrender their rich history and culture to Islam later. Italy must distance themselves from Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and resist the orders from the useless political Pope Francis to accept Muslim immigrants unconditionally.





Political Islamization of the United Kingdom


On May 5, 2016, Sadiq Khan, a zealous Pakistani Muslim was elected Mayor of London. On April 30, 2018, another zealous Indian/Pakistani Muslim, Sajid Javid was appointed Home Secretary of the United Kingdom. Neither of these men has ever publicly condemned any of the horrific miseries Islam has brought to Muslims. Not even such heinous acts like the raping of children, female genital mutilation and oppression of women.


We are already hearing some of the left-winged, liberal media outlets in the United Kingdom promoting Sajid Javid as the future Prime Minister, even drawing comparisons of his future hypothetical leadership to that of the Muslim supporting former US President Barack Obama; whose presidency while lauded by the left, was disastrous for the world. Have the naive British gone mad to even consider a Muslim as the next prime minster? Where has their sense of British patriotism gone? I guess it moved to Muslim Pakistan. What Europe needs is a Margaret Thatcher style leadership to save it from active Islamization.


The Muslim population in England and Wales is growing faster than the overall population and has nearly doubled in the ten years before 2015. With the current birthrate of Muslims being over 60% higher than the birthrate of non-Muslims, England’s Islamic population will continue to grow at a fast rate even if Muslim immigration were to come to a complete stop. The name “Muhammad” has replaced the name “William” in the top ten on the list of new baby boy names in England and Wales. In 2016 William was number 7 and Muhammad was number 43. In 2016, Muhammad has jumped to number 6 with William falling to number 11.





Germany’s Merkel’s  SPD Party and Her Green Party Supporters Have Started the Destruction of Europe

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, (the Islamization of Europe) will be signed and confirmed on December 10, and 11, in Morocco. This agreement will be the beginning of civil war within Germany and a fight between Eastern Europeans and Germans.

Professor Claudia Sadowski-Smith, Ph.D. University of Delaware, estimates the number of Africans living in Europe will grow from 9 million to between 150 and 200 million within the next 30 years.  This number will at least double. The multi-culture welfare states, the free medical care, and European pensions will cease to exist. Once this globalization immigration pact is signed, to put it plainly, African and Muslim immigrants will enter any country they wish any time they want.

Extreme madness necessitates an extreme response. Eastern Europe will now have to maintain a military presence at its borders. The military will grow and will likely have the full support of conservative Americans and of course, Russia. An invasion of Germany could be triggered in order to send these Muslim immigrants back to their countries so Europe can regain its identity.

We could soon see German natives taking up arms and begin a civil war to rid themselves of this Islamic invasion. The European Union may not be able to function with the amount of internal civil turmoil this pact will stir up.

Angela Merkel is dictating policy in the European Union. The migration quota is a “forced allocation” on the EU members who have said “No.” Rather than stand up to her, they simply bow to this traitor’s orders. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, will be the final nail in the coffin that will start a rebellion ultimately breaking up the European Union. Led by Hungary ‘s refusal to sign on to this pact, Eastern Europeans are refusing to accept this new agreement. We fully support them in their refusal to have open borders for mostly Muslim Middle Eastern and African migrants that will take over their history, religion and culture.


Angela Merkel and her Green Party supporters, the leftist government of Spain, the weak ideologue French President Emmanuel Macron and the socialist idiot Prime Minister Alexis Tsirpas of Greece should all be tried for treason. European natives need to take their continent back through the ballot box. Time is running out and it is almost too late for that now. Why does Angela Merkel have so much hate for German culture and history? Is this an old Eastern European teaching?



Angela Merkel’s Masters?

Someone or some organization is behind Angela Merkel’s pro-Muslim European refugee immigration policies. The objective of these policies is to ultimately destroy Germany’s identity and strength. Will the Bavarian People’s Party (BVP) cause the eventual downfall of Angela Merkel and her fellow traitors?

The Islamization of the continent of Europe has been the ultimate goal, using Germany as the initiator to lead the way.

The New Socialist Nazis of Angela Merkel’s Party

Predictions/Overview updated 12/05/2018

As often is the case with left winged politicians, they love to smear and vilify those who do not agree with them. Rather than debate the facts and explore common ground in search for resolutions, they choose to paint their opponents as villains. Such is the case with Angela Merkel’s party. Now, amidst peaceful demonstrations in Germany against continued Muslim immigration. Anyone who joins a legal and peaceful demonstration in opposition to Germany’s open door Muslim policy is automatically labeled a neo-Nazi.

Angela Merkel’s government is behind this vilification and they have even taken it to an entirely new level. They have hired professional photographers to photograph demonstrators in the crowd and use high resolution technology to identify individual protestors. The photos are then sent to their employers so they can be fired. To make matters worse, they offer rewards to anyone who can identify a protestor.

What in the world is happening in Germany? Is Angela Merkel reviving her suppressed Eastern European corrupt communist politics? Why are the German people acting so weakly in voicing their anger against these dirty political tactics which sadly are being supported by a biased liberal media, and the Catholic and Protestant churches who care only for the fortunes they are amassing as a result of these immigration policies. These so called churches dare not speak out against this government bullying for fear of losing out on their large financial gains. Sadly, its not about their faith but about their money. Jesus Christ must be weeping with sadness as He witnesses the replacement of virtuous Christian values with a perverted and violent religion that hates and seeks to destroy Christianity.


Schengen/Dublin Accord; Merkel’s Latest Move is a Disaster

Angela Merkel/Germany has stopped enforcing European Union rules in favor of an open acceptance of asylum policies that contradict the Schengen/Dublin Accord. Chancellor Merkel and her weak former French counterpart Francois Hollande called for an overhaul of the EU’s asylum system. We recommend that Eastern European countries, especially the Austrians and the newly elected Italian government resist this disastrous proposal.

Western Europe has already fallen under the spell of Islam. Islam’s ultimate goal is convert Europe and all the world to their corrupt and perverted religion. The reality is Muslims will never accept our European/Western way of life. Civil war is coming soon. We predict proud native Europeans will one day take up arms in order to save their heritage, Christian religion and history. How is it possible for a German leader like Angela Merkel to have so much hatred and disregard for her own country and identity? Angela Merkel and her government have failed the German people and all of European Union and should be tried for abuse of power and treason.




Europeans are Paying the Bill for Europe’s Liberal Socialist Policies

Predictions/Overview updated 12/10/2018

Today democratism, liberalism and socialism represent society’s elite. They push for more and higher taxes which ultimately leads to a failed economy and misery for the average person who already struggles to make ends meet and provide a decent standard of living for their family. France’s yellow vest protests are an example of what happens when the liberals apply their agenda. Soon Germany, Italy and Belgium will follow the example of the French people as Europeans are fed up with being taxed to death.
The vast flow of immigrants entering to Germany put a large financial strain on the country. In return those immigrants send much of the money they are making back to their native countries, the Middle-East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, etc. More than 20 billion dollars (17.7 billion euros) flowed from Germany back to countries of origin in 2016, which is six billion more than in 2007.

Where did that money come from and who pays for it? Those funds were largely what the migrants saved from receiving government assistance and social security checks. At the end of the day the German pensioner is picking up the tab. This is complete madness thanks to the traitorous Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government.


Within Five Years of the December 12, 2018 Signing of The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration Germany will be the First River of Blood in Europe

We estimate millions of Muslim immigrants will settle in Germany with no vetting and no questions asked. The native German populations will rise and take up arms. Slaughters and killings will cover the streets and the rivers will turn bloody. To quote British member of Parliament Enoch Powell, from a speech delivered on April 20, 1968 which came to be known as the River of Blood speech, “I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

Powell argued that although “many thousands” of immigrants wished to integrate, he felt the majority did not, but rather had “vested interests in the preservation and sharpening of racial and religious differences, with a view to the exercise of actual domination, first over fellow-immigrants and then over the rest of the population.”

This scenario is already playing out in France and the United Kingdom. Have the Germans not learned from past history?


John Brennan is the Traitor  posted 8/17/2018

John Brennan not only voted for the Communist Party, he is also a Muslim sympathizer. In 2010 he prevented the CIA from referring to Islamic militants as jihadists because in his words, “Jihad is a holy struggle and legitimate tenet of Islam.” Like his master, President Obama, John Brennan supports Islam. It does not matter to us if Brennan is a Muslim as many have rumored; our concern is about his obviously biased views on the violent and perverted Muslim religion of Islam.

In his 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt, President Obama said, “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism — it is an important part of promoting peace.” Did Obama forget  the thousands of brave military veterans who gave their lives and limbs fighting Islamic extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Who are the real traitors? It is the liberal media, led by the likes of CNN, CNBC, John Brennan, President Obama and others that intentionally lie and twist the facts for their own illicit purposes. Readers should conduct their own research and draw their own conclusions.





New Mexico Terrorist Training Camp  posted 8/17/2018

Authorities in New Mexico recently raided an Al Qaeda terrorist training camp in their state. Has America now become Al Qaeda land? This Muslim compound had an arsenal of firearms and were training young Muslim children to kill their school teachers and classmates, as well as other American organizations.

New Mexico jihad compound murder suspect lived in US illegally for 20 years

Swift action must be taken to strip these people of their US citizenship and send them back to the hell they or their parents came from. These mosques should be shut down and Islam should be banned.


We offer this clear warning:

If Islam is not banned by several other patriotic European governments now, adopting a zero tolerance policy, the end result could be a third world war that will wipe out all Islamic countries within the next 20 years.

Will the West  follow the example of Austria and shut down radical mosques?

Muslim Women Must Lead the Way

Muslim women, take off your head and face covers! Muslim men, shave off those radical beards or go back to the hell where you came from.

We encourage peaceful mass demonstrations. We are totally against all violent acts. Imagine how the Middle East/Africa and other Muslim countries would be without Islam and the misery it brings to us all.

Muslim mothers from all countries should rise up against Islam and protect their innocent children. The uprising should begin in Iran against the perverted Ayatollah Khamenei and his immoral regime.

We strongly support the Gatestone Institute and recognize them as a credible source of valuable information. We urge our readers to visit www.gatestoneinstitute.org and see for themselves what the media is not reporting.

We also call your attention to the writings of two distinguished journalists and experts on these critical subjects:

  1. Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese American conservative journalist and founder of Congress for Truth and Act for America


  1. Magdi Cristiano Allam, a Muslim born Egyptian Italian journalist that converted to Christianity. He also serves as a regional councilor in the Italian region of Basilicata after being elected in 2010 and a Member of the European Parliament for Italy since 2009.


It seems that politicians, media outlets and respected reporters have so far been lacked the courage to go public with our factual 10 paper series on Islam. We believe there will be some individuals, credible news outlets and reporters that will join our cause and add their voice with ours to ban Islam.

Will the West have the courage to ban Islam and shut down all mosques in order to save these hundreds of millions of  Muslim women and young helpless girls that have been physically and morally abused? They are all crying out for help!

China Got it Totally Wrong with Islam

Over 21 millions Muslims live in China, mostly in the northwestern part of the country in the Xinjiang Uygur region. Over one million Chinese Muslims are currently being held in internment camps, forced to drink alcohol and eat pork, and are being physically and psychologically harmed. This unjust treatment and incarceration of Chinese Muslims will certainly backfire on China. You cannot use force to change a person’s religious beliefs. On the contrary, the victims will be considered martyrs for their faith. If China continues this treatment they could eventually see Chinese Muslims light a fire somewhere else in China. China is giving “wannabe politicians” reason to start a revolution. In this day and age, the internet is the new weapon of war for opportunists.

How do you solve the problem of a Muslim religion that is perverted and violent and opposes the progress of a nation? Very simply, first you expose it, then ban it altogether. Begin by eliminating all mosques, madrassas, Muslim schools and anything related to spreading this violent and perverted religion called Islam. You ban all teaching of Islam in every form. There is no need for any physical violence or internment camps. Violence only breeds violence which could become contagious and spread further violence throughout other parts of China. China is already on the brink of a total revolt by its people. They cannot allow Islam to ignite such a fire.



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Other Current Topics of Interest

Predictions/Overview updated 12/11/2018

Tit for Tat

Predictions/Overview updated 12/11/2018

Yesterday, a  Chinese court banned Apple from selling iPhones in China blaming their alleged patent infringement of Qualcomm patents. This move looks particularly suspicious following the recent arrest of Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou in Canada who is awaiting extradition to the United States. In another and even blatantly obvious retaliatory move, Chinese authorities just yesterday arrested former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig. The International Crisis Group says it is working for Mr Kovrig’s release.

A Second Canadian Has Been Arrested in China’s Destructive Game  of Political Thuggery

Predictions/Overview updated 12/14/2018

A second Canadian has been arrested in China. Michael Spavor, is the latest victim in China’s retaliation efforts. Mr. Spavor was arrested on accusations of being a threat to China’s national security. The Chinese politburo, under the leadership od Xi Jinping are using intimidation and political thuggery tactics against innocent Canadians.

Its time for the United States and Europe to band together against China. Enough already with allowing the Chinese to commit injustice after injustice. Its time to ban Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese telecommunications companies from trading in the US and Europe. China charges Western companies doing business within their borders high taxes, making it impossible for them to fairly trade and make a profit. Meanwhile they expect the West to roll out the red carpet for them and allow them free access to our markets. Europe and the US must stick their guns and level the playing the field.



China is Hanging by a Thread!

Predictions/Overview updated 12/11/2018

 Sooner or later China is going to implode. Less than 5% of the population enjoy an affluent lifestyle while the the other 95% struggle to survive. Just who are these affluent 5%? They are comprised of members of the Politburo, military leaders, politicians and their party member cronies. A strong ban on trade will break China. We believe the only way forward for the West is to stop this evil empire from taking over the dominant position in the global economy.

China’s evil regime has no respect for basic human rights or freedom of religion. In their continued attack on people of faith, China recently committed another church raid over the weekend. One hundred Christian worshippers were snatched in an overnight raid. Their social media accounts blocked and phone lines cut. Men, women and children were taken by Chinese authorities. The Chinese government is as evil a force as is Islam. The West must stand in solidarity with the Chinese people seeking to worship as they choose. This continued persecution on people of faith is going to ultimately backfire on China. The 95% will rise up and be heard. The West must stand with them.


China has Declared War Against America and the West 

China is the New Drug Kingpin Targeting American and Western Youth

China has declared war on the West (USA, Europe, Canada and Australia) through the manufacture and export of Fentanyl and synthetic opioids. Their centralized government totally and unequivocally controls any and all forms of opioid manufacturing. They encourage huge production and exporting of these killer drugs in order to cripple and kill Western youth through drug addiction. Currently, 90% of the world’s entire Fentanyl supply is made in China. They are the new evil empire of the 21st century, but internet communications will be China’s ultimate downfall. It will cause their collapse similar to the collapse we saw in the 1990’s of the Soviet Union’s former empire.

If China wants to stop Fentanyl and opioid production, they could do so within 24 hours by presidential order. In the battle against opioids, President Trump could have an unusual friend and not an adversary in his usual nemesis, Chuck Schumer. Earlier this year, Schumer said Chinese authorities turn a blind eye to manufacturers exporting Fentanyl to the U.S. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin. Do not be surprised if all the opioid factories in China are owned by the government. We need to wake up! President Trump and Senator Schumer can certainly agree on this and demand China order a complete stoppage of all these factories of death.



Who are the Criminals and Murderers that Approved the Manufacture and Export of Fentanyl and Opioids to America, Europe, Canada and Australia? 

The 25 member Central Politburo of the Communist Party of China knows the answer

The Chinese government has purposefully planned their current drug war to defeat the West. By flooding western countries with lethal drugs and opioids so they can cripple the health care system, weaken the economy, and kill off young people. It is suspected the Chinese government has recently ordered an increase in the concentration of Fentanyl and opioids creating a super drug with a much higher potency level, almost strong enough to bring down an elephant while causing a more speedy effect on the user. The end result is children and adults with drug addictions littered on the ground  and dying throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. 


The Chinese are Laundering Drug Money by Buying Up Western Real Estate; Proceeds from Confiscation Should be Used to Fund Rehabilitation 

Now we have reports of Chinese drug gangs laundering drug money by buying billions in real estate. In Vancouver alone around $50 billion in Chinese real estate purchases are suspected to have been acquired through illegal drug money. In the past six years Vancouver home prices in exclusive neighborhoods have seen an increase of over 300% due in large part to Chinese buyers. A home in these areas is currently fetching more than $2000 per square foot. Locals can no longer afford to buy a home in Vancouver because of the drastic price increase caused by illicit Chinese drug money. The Canadian federal and B.C. provincial governments never questioned where the money for so many purchases originated. They seems afraid to investigate the matter and are thus complicit in China’s money laundering. In plain language this is a money laundering scheme. We urge each country to appoint a special task force to look into suspicious real estate purchases. If they prove to be an attempt to launder drug money, they should be confiscated and all proceeds used to fund treatment for these poor, addicted souls.

We urge President Trump to draw a red line with China. Enough is enough! The US, Canada, Europe and Australia must wake up and realize they are at war with Chinese government funded drug kingpins.



One Third of Vancouver Real Estate is Owned by the Chinese; Largely as a Result of  Non-Taxable and Illicit  Fentanyl Drug Money

One third of Vancouver’s real estate market is owned by the Chinese, largely as a result of illicit non-taxable funds and Fentanyl drug money.  Bring your money, no questions asked! With such a powerful stronghold in B.C. Canada, Chinese real estate investors are now looking towards Eastern Canada, targeting Montreal and Toronto as their new preferred cities. It is estimated the Chinese will spend a trillion dollars on real estate purchases over the next decade with a considerable chunk of that total pouring into Canada to buy more of their real estate. .

It is believed the Chinese have been using drug money and non-taxed billions of dollars to directly and indirectly purchase over $50 billion in commercial and residential property in Vancouver, British Columbia alone.

Vancouver Business Owners are Being Forced Out By the New Greedy Real Estate Cartel

We are not accusing every real estate company of money laundering or dirty tax schemes. We are accusing them all of being the new cartel that have caused real estate prices to skyrocket because of their greed. Their main objective is to make as much profit as possible with total disregard for the average person or family’s ability to maintain a decent living. Vancouver natives and immigrants have become a new exploited class of slaves and servants to rich Chinese companies. These comments are in no way directed at the many hard working Chinese immigrant families that have helped make up the fabric of the community that is a vast Vancouver melting pot. We admire and respect them very much for their culture and strong family bonds.

Our issues are solely with those that have become wealthy through the ill-gotten gains of drug money made at the expense of so many young lives. They are the ones that own more than a third of Vancouver real estate alone and are desperately seeking more. Many long term commercial tenants are being forced out of the business locations they have had for years as their new Chinese landlords raise their rents beyond what they can pay, or just refuse to renew their leases in order to lure new tenants at much higher rents. There is no protection for small business owners against these mostly Chinese real estate moguls seeking that are only interested in  leasing to the highest bidder. Long established business owners who have had their same locations in many cases for ten and twenty years or more and have become staples in their communities are being forced out with no recourse whatsoever.

This needs to change now. Governments must wake up and serve all the people, not just the wealthy. Real estate entities and greedy developers have become the bad face of capitalism. Only large corporations are surviving while the small mom and pop businesses are being squashed. Government officials are receiving large political donations from the Chinese moguls and turning a blind eye to the injustices being experienced by small businesses. Soon this bubble, like all bubbles will burst. We hope it will not lead to violence, as we do not support violence in any form. These illicit investments have been welcomed with open arms by provincial B.C. and the federal government. They know the money being poured into their communities is corrupt, but they do not care how it was acquired as long it helps their interests. Large sums of money flooding the economy helps politicians get re elected.

The reputable law firms representing these individuals know full well their clients funds are untraceable and often assist them in hiding their money, albeit for a price. These law firms are simply high priced whores selling their illegal services to the highest bidder. Those lawyers have failed in their in their oath to protect and uphold the law. Those knowingly aiding abetting Chinese drug money laundering should face the loss of their license to practice law and jail time.

The New Vancouver, Canada Commercial and Residential  Slavery

Predictions/Overview updated 12/08/2018

Vancouver real estate management companies such as the Cadillac Fairview Corp. Bentall Kennedy, Quadreal Property Group, Cressey Development Group, Concord Pacific Developments, DeCotiis Group, Bosa Properties, Onni Group, Chard Development,  Peterson, Landa Global Properties, Grosvenor, Hungerford Properties and  PCI Developments collectively control in excess of one hundred billion of dollars in real estate. Their only interest is to maximize their profits even if to the detriment of the local economy, and more importantly to the detriment of local entrepreneurs. These huge and powerful real estate companies manage billions of dollars in property and never ask questions where the funds to purchase these properties originated. They are as happy and complicit as the government is to aid and abet in laundering billions of dollars through real estate.

Their latest tactics in the Vancouver market is to raise rental prices to the maximum possible cost upon the renewal of each lease, knowing full well the local tenant that often has occupied the space for many years will not be able to afford the new rent increase and will be forced to leave.

This allows the management company to bring in top dollar foreign label companies to replace the local business owner. Rather than landlords looking after their loyal tenants that have paid their rent on time for years and have established a successful local business with faithful local clientele, they choose instead to run them out of business in order to put a few extra dollars in their pockets. They have zero conscience, zero loyalty and zero ethics.

One such example of this is The Italian Kitchen, a fine dining establishment that made its home on Alberni Street in downtown Vancouver for ten years. They were informed by their Chinese landlord, PCI Developments their rent was going to double. Not being able to afford the new rent the long established restaurant was forced to relocate. PCI Developments, Quadreal and others routinely force out  local businesses like The Italian Kitchen that employed more than 100 people and catered to local diners for more than a decade so he could bring in an international jewelry company in its place.

Some of the senior executives of these companies causing such misery on the locals and natives of British Columbia and other parts of Canada are Dennis Lopez, Steve Barnett, Andrew Grant, Dan Turner, Larissa Jacobson, Terry Hui, Peter Stack, Lou Ficocelli, Megan Graystone etc., etc.

Where are the government legislators?  Why are they watching this all happen and failing to take action to help small business owners defend themselves? This Mafia style commercial slavery is destroying local economies and hurting small businesses.  This needs to stop and legislation should be put in place introducing a new commercial rent act. This is not a partisan political issue. Its about fairness and the destruction of local communities. It would not be surprising to one day see one or more of these senior real estate executives stopped at the US border and arrested for money laundering of drug funds and anti-trust law violations.


Vancouver Canada Real Estate Companies Have Become the New Drug Cartels

Predictions/Overview updated 12/08/2018

Drug cartels and Vancouver real estate companies have a few things in common; their objective is to get richer, they have no regard for the local economies they are destroying, and they drive up inflation with constant price increases forcing locals out of the residential and commercial markets often leading them to bankruptcy. The government needs to take action and bring this problem under control using regulation and if necessary taxation.

The new greedy real estate companies have become a new form of evil in our society that must be stopped. They sit behind the scenes paying off politicians with large political contributions while creating a financial bubble collapse which will ultimately be blamed on banks. These real estate companies are to blame for the local Vancouver natives being displaced and replaced with wealthy Chinese masters. We are witnessing a new era of residential and commercial real estate slavery by the new illegal immigration funds.

Larissa Jacobson, Senior Director of Leasing at Quadreal Property Group treats her tenants like slaves. Unfortunately the current laws allow Ms. Jacobson and other leasing executives in Vancouver to step on the throats of their tenants at the end of their leases. Upon expiration of the lease, Ms. Jacobson and her peers routinely increase their rents to unaffordable levels for renewal. A recent former tenant of Ms. Jacobson that we interviewed had a rent increase so high, their business was forced out resulting in the loss of 80 local jobs. That tenant had some choice words about his former landlord calling her an “evil witch” who only cares about “how much money she can shake out of you.” He complained of her and her company’s lack of loyalty to a decade long tenant and described Larissa Jacobson as a person with “zero integrity and zero fairness” in dealing with her tenants. Companies like Quadreal should not be able to singlehandedly destroy their tenants businesses by terminating them with drastic and sudden rent increases.


Long time business owners should have the ability to automatically renew their leases at fair market value subject to an appropriate review. Especially a tenant that has occupied the same location for the past ten years and employed locals. Even a small rent reduction is a fair exchange for long term tenants that create jobs.


Legislation to stop these cartels and protect small business owners is urgently needed. These corporate bullies are not only crippling entrepreneurs but also the people they employ. They are destroying standards of living.


As a conservative, I am not a fan of over taxation. But in this case I would recommend a hefty new 50% real estate wealth tax on these multi-billion dollar real estate companies. The revenues from the new tax should be used to build affordable housing. We must put a stop to real estate cartels from continuing to cause so much misery to our society.


Where is the outcry from the media and social media denouncing this corporate abuse of small business? People need to rise up in a peaceful fashion and make their voices heard. These new real estate cartels need to be stopped and honest politicians not being paid by big real estate contributions need to step up and take action now!


An Equitable Solution is Needed in Order to Help Residential and Commercial Tenants

Predictions/Overview updated 12/10/2018

Kind and compassionate policies must be enacted to provide relief to those being victimized by the greedy real estate cartel. Some policy suggestions include:

  1. No eviction or termination of tenants allowed without just cause such as building demolition
  2. Give tenants up to 12 month notice rent free to notice when they are asked to leave to allow them adequate time to properly relocate
  3. Once the lease expires it should be automatically renewed for the same duration as the original term
  4. Rent increases should be reasonable and in line with fair market value. Additionally, tenants having tenure of 10 years should be afforded a 5% loyalty discount.

Very depressing news has just come to our attention from Legacy Towers residential rental in Kelowna B.C., Canada. Associated Property Management has just served an eviction notice to their residents with no regard for the Christmas season we are in. Most of Legacy Tower’s residents are retired and elderly. Where are the politicians that are charged with protecting their constituents?

This is very bad and cruel treatment of their tenants. The only ones receiving government protection are the wealthy landlord cartels, not the victims. We can only hope the new NDP provincial government will finally take action and legislate our proposals.  NDP leader, John Horgan promised to protect the average person. Now is the time Mr. Horgan must keep his promises and take action. We wish him and his party the best in their fight against this abuse.


Greedy Real Estate Companies are Driving Inflation Which Will Lead to an Economic Meltdown

Predictions/Overview updated 12/10/2018

Conservatives, Republicans and capitalists must practice a more caring style of managing the economy where the average middle-class person has a chance to flourish. If extreme examples of the kind of greed we are seeing unfold in the Vancouver, B.C. real estate market continue, it will open the door for an uprising against capitalism and allow liberal socialist Democrats to gain a stronghold and be voted into office by an angry public. That is a recipe for economic disaster.

Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou, China’s Super Spy

Predictions/Overview updated 12/08/2018

Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Chinese tech giant, Huawei, daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, and China’s top IT super spy, was arrested in Vancouver and is facing extradition to the United States. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., is one the largest telecommunication equipment and services providers. They recently surpassed Apple as the world’s second largest smartphone maker, behind only Samsung. Put simply, Huawei is a spy for the Chinese government and must be banned from doing business in western nations. Huawei products dominate Africa and many other parts of the world. China is seeking economic world domination and must be stopped by the US and Europe.  Sooner or later China will implode. Its depressive regime will not be able to do away with the internet, which the people will utilize to organize, mobilize and rise up.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Geng Shuang spoke out against the arrest saying, “The Chinese side has made clear our solemn positions to the United States and Canada, and asked them to clarify the reason of the detention and to release the detainee immediately, and to earnestly safeguard the legal and legitimate rights and interests of the person involved….”The detention without giving any reason violates a person’s human rights.”

Is he serious? What is he smoking? China is one of the largest human rights violators in the world. Millions have been incarcerated in prison camps simply for their beliefs. The Chinese government is an evil and hypocritical regime. Huawei must be banned from doing business in the western telecommunications industry altogether.

President Trump’s administration is one hundred percent correct in trying to stop this Chinese depressive regime from dominating the world economy. He has been consistent in his criticisms of China since he first announced his candidacy for president. We agree completely with his message, his policies and his plans regarding China.  We do however wish he would present himself in a more gentlemanly fashion at times which would give more credibility to his message.



Huawei, ZTE and Alibaba are China’s Data Super Spies

Predictions/Overview updated 12/13/2018

The United States and Western nations need to wake up now and halt all trading with these three companies, Huawei, ZTE and Ali Baba and ban all Chinese telecommunications companies from doing business in the west. Mainland China is expected to see total investments on 5G mobile networks reach 2.8 trillion yuan (US$411 billion) in the period from 2020 to 2030, which could mark the country’s most expensive build-out of telecommunications infrastructure. The primary objective of the Chinese Politburo is world domination of telecommunications and data. They believe if they can control the data they will control the world. This creates a potential looming global economic crisis with disastrous consequences for Western companies and the world. Companies like Apple, Google. Amazon. AT&T, Verizon, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, etc., would see their stock prices cut in half if these three Chinese companies are allowed to continue expanding their operations throughout North America and Europe. Their goal is be the world’s foremost 5G provider and undercut and eliminate their competition. The Chinese do not allow a level playing field in their markets. Western companies are never granted fair access in China, yet China expects and often receives fair access to the western world. Companies like Facebook and Google voluntarily cave in to China’s demands and block and or manipulate content for the chance of doing business in the world’s most populous country.  Western nations need to not only stop compromising their standards, but must put a stop to China’s western telecom plans for domination.




America and the West Need to Wake Up and Take Back Their Infrastructure

 A cunning Chinese Politburo is planning to expand their already significant control of ports, oil and African resources

The Chinese government has ordered the execution of a plan aimed at controlling world ports, and natural resources. The Chinese have acquired many African ports of entry, oil concessions and a large percentage of many other natural resources throughout Africa. The same is happening in Asia where China is continually defying international law by taking over parts of the seas and building their own artificial islands. Billions of dollars has been handed over from the Chinese to leaders in Africa and Asia in order to proliferate their corruption. Their power grab to purchase ports has not been limited solely to Africa and Asia. Even in Europe, Canada and Australia the Chinese have been busy acquiring ports, power stations and mining companies in their quest to control global infrastructure. Conversely, Western companies would never be permitted to buy one inch of China’s natural resources or infrastructure projects.

President Trump is one hundred percent correct with his trade policies against China. He needs to maintain his tough stance against them and the world needs for weak European leaders to wake up to the reality and stop the Chinese evil regime from taking over the world. The West needs to stand up and not allow China to do what they have allowed millions of Muslims to do in Europe.

Social Media is the New Nuclear Arsenal 

Predictions/Overview updated 12/03/2018

Sooner or later China will break down. It is only a matter of time before their own populations turns against them and revolt against this oppressive regime. The Chinese will not be able to fully shut down the internet. The internet and social media has become the nuclear arsenal for the people. By using social media citizens are able to organize themselves and mobilize quickly. They have a power at their disposal that has never been seen before.  That will be their ultimate downfall and breakup for China. The Chinese government knows that and has tried hard to limit Internet communication within their borders, but they cannot shut it down completely. It is the new and unstoppable lethal weapon of the 21st century and despite the government’s efforts to squelch it, they will not be able to stop it and sooner or later will have to face the wrath of their citizens united to fight against them.




America and the West Must Declare a Total Trade Ban Against China 


President Trump is the only Western leader with the guts to challenge the Chinese government and demand they shut down their Fentanyl and synthetic opioid factories and cease their illegal exports. The Chinese must be made to take immediate action. They cannot be allowed to procrastinate as they so often do. There is only one way to deal with the Chinese; that is through strength. They only respect strength. President Trump would need to issue a presidential decree banning all Chinese imports to the USA. Australia, Canada and Europe must join the US in its imports ban and take the fight to China. How can the West ever trust China when with smiles on their faces they are actively working to destroy our youth?

The West must get serious with China. The Chinese have been on a theft spree, stealing intellectual property from the West for years. American and European companies were promised lucrative access to the Chinese market forcing them to transfer their technologies to China. U.S. Ambassador Dennis Shea said “forced technology transfer” was often an unwritten rule for companies trying to access China’s burgeoning marketplace, especially if they were partnering with a state-owned or state-directed Chinese firm. The end result was predictable; western companies were fooled and cheated by the Chinese. China played an unfair game and stole trade secrets right from under their noses resulting in billions of dollars lost.

Now, we have the Chinese killing our youth with their Fentanyl and synthetic opioids and attempting to destroy our economies that must expend great resources to help and support the growing addiction problems they are facing. China must be stopped! All forms of trade must be halted. The West will never win with the Chinese because they are not fair actors and cannot be trusted in partnerships. Western companies need to exit their business dealings with China now.


Why Does the Media Ignore the Chinese Drug War?

Millions are becoming addicted and dying because of the Chinese drug war, yet the media is silent. Why are CNN, MSNBC, BBC1 and other liberal media outlets silent while our streets are continually overrun with drugs from China. The media prefers to stay on the attack against President Trump and his family for every move they make instead of dedicating some time to bring these critically serious matters to the forefront. Here is advice to the media, instead of criticizing the First Lady’s Christmas decorations, how about you inforrm the American people how their children are becoming more and more addicted to Chinese drugs.


Three Weak US Presidents

Predictions/Overview updated 12/05/2018  

President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush (43), and President Barack Obama will go down in history as the trio of US Presidents who surrendered the overseas economies to the Chinese. Afghanistan is very rich in natural mineral resources, especially copper, gold, zinc, silver and perhaps more importantly rare earth. Iraq sits on one of the world’s largest oil reserves. Who has taken control of these important resources? The answer is China. The Chinese government has secured various concessions from corrupt government officials through the paying of bribes. Chinese control is not limited to the resources of Afghanistan, but they also control a majority of the resources in Africa. China has become the new colonial powerhouse of Africa. It is unimaginable this has been allowed to happen, especially given the fact that since the onset of the second Iraq War which began in 2002, trillions of dollars have been spent by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, and hundreds of thousands of both military and civilian lives have been lost, and yet the spoils go to China. Why have these  three weak American Presidents sat silently and allowed this to happen? The only President with the courage, conviction and determination to stand up to the Chinese government is Donald Trump.


George H.W. Bush

Predictions/Overview updated 12/02/2018

The 41st President of the United States, was a decorated World War II hero, dedicated public servant, beloved family man and a very smart politician that saved millions of lives. Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi army led by the elite troops of the Iraqi Republican Guard were soundly defeated in the Gulf War to liberate Kuwait in only a matter of weeks.. Operation Desert Shield, was the buildup of U.S. troops in Gulf region beginning August 2, 1990 until January 17, 1991. On January 17,1991, Operation Desert Shield ended and Operation Desert Storm began, lasting only until February 28, 1991, with the retreat of Iraqi troops from Kuwait following a short lived occupation and annexation of the tiny country.

President Bush could have very easily conquered a weak Iraq, but smartly decided not to invade them leaving Saddam Hussein as their president and maintaining stability in the region. History will always remember him for that brilliant strategic decision that spared millions of innocent lives. Imagine how different things would today in Iraq if his son, the 43rd President, George W. Bush had followed his father’s example. The world should show its respect to this good and decent man. He has gone to join his beloved wife of 73 years, Barbara and their little daughter Robin who died of Leukemia at only 3 years old. May God bless the Bush family.

Advice for President Trump

Although we have fervently backed President Trump we cannot turn a blind eye when criticism is warranted. President Trump’s policies on the economy, taxation, present immigration policy, biased liberal judiciary, strong military, looking after vets, nationalism against failed European Union Islamization, NATO and trade are all extremely sound. However, the President’s character, blatant lies and his inexperienced family of inner circle advisers are cause for concern. America needs President Trump to win reelection in 2020 and continue the work he has begun to make America great again.  Voters will not  support a president that comes across arrogantly and lies constantly.

President Trump has has a few missteps which we urge him to correct before he runs for reelection. America cannot afford another weakling left-wing president like Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton. We believe President Trump wants America to be great again. He has made many excellent decisions and now it’s time for him to ensure he has a chance to finish what he started.

 We still support President Trump despite the fact he is becoming his own worst enemy. The President’s policies are sound, but the manner in which he delivers his message to the average American voter can be quite off-putting. Here are our recommendations to President Trump that we feel will be help him in his bid for reelection in 2020:

  1. Fire the special prosecutor Robert Mueller now. If you do not fire him before the Democrats take over the House in January you will be risking too much and possibly your presidency. It is advisable to take the risk now and face the music sooner rather than later.
  2. Stop lying! A lie is a lie and a cover up is a cover up. You need to always be honest with the American people. If you make a mistake, admit it and move on.3.
  3. Demand China immediately halt the manufacturing and exporting of Fentanyl and synthetic opioids to the United States.
  4. Remove all your family members from their adviser positions.
  5. Communicate your message with humility. Often you come across as arrogant, especially to women. Let voters know you really do care about them.
  6. You have the support of 90% of Republicans. We all know establishment Republicans do not support you as they consider you to be a threat to their old way of doing things. The only ones that matter are the voters. Focus on them and soften your image and you will win over some moderate Democrats. If not you will become a liability to yourself, the presidency and the Republican Party.
  7. Use Twitter only for to communicate positive messages.
  8. Fix the immigration problem for the millions of undocumented that are already here.
  9. Surround yourself with strong advisers.
  10. Recognize that Mike Pence your Vice President is your strongest asset.

Robert Mueller Has Assembled a Team of Biased Democrat Party Supporters

Predictions/Overview updated 12/02/2018

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is indeed on a witch hunt to dig up or worse, invent dirt on President Trump. He is so intent on taking down the most capable president the United States has had in such a long time that he has assembled a team around him of biased, Trump hating, Democrat supporting attorneys. In total Mueller’s team has 13 registered Democrats, several which made donations to Clinton’s campaign in various amounts, and NO registered Republicans. Mueller has stacked the deck against President Trump without even the appearance of fairness. Here is a look at just two of his colleagues:

Jeanne Rhee, served as Deputy Assistant to Obama’s extremely liberal Attorney General Eric Holder. Rhee represented Hillary Clinton in a 2015 lawsuit that sought access to her private emails and also represented the Clinton Foundation in a 2015 racketeering lawsuit. CNN reported Ms. Rhee has doled out more than $16,000 to Democrats since 2008. She maxed out her donations both in 2015 and 2016 to Clinton’s presidential campaign, giving a total of $5,400.

James Quarles has donated almost $33,000 to politicians in past years, the vast majority going to Democrats — including Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns — FEC records show he has also donated small amounts to Republicans such as Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

And the list goes, but this investigation must not. Mr. Mueller’s investigation is a farce and has no credibility. The President and his fellow Republicans crying foul are exactly correct. You cannot have a team of 13 active Democrat donors who supported the President’s opponent  investigating a Republican president and claim to be unbiased. They should be fired and this circus should come to an end.



Journalist Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi

Predictions/Overview updated 12/07/2018

The current young and inexperienced violent ruler of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman al Saud needs to be replaced at once. His brutality has caused much death and destruction including the killing and misery of countless innocent lives in Yemen. Jared Kushner, another young and inexperienced bourgeois kid and son-in-law of American President Donald Trump claims to be friend and confidant to the Saudi Prince. We believe Kushner may have also had a hand in helping the Prince come to power as ruler of Saudi Arabia. Kushner should stay out of international politics. He has and always will be a liability to President Trump. Kushner should be removed now as a presidential adviser.

International arrest warrants by the International Court of Justice should be issued against Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman al Saud and the other 15 men responsible for the brutal murder of Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi.

Khashoggi was a Saudi Journalist and contributor to the Washington Post. He was often critical of Saudi Crown Prince and his destructive ways. On October 2, 2018, he was brutally murdered after the Prince ordered his assassination and dispatched a 15 man hit squad after him. Originally the Saudi’s claimed he died in a fist fight against 15 Saudi officials at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul? What kind of 15 to 1 fist fight do the Saudis expect the public to believe took place? Show us the body if his death was the result of a fist fight. Now the Saudis are changing their story and saying his death was “tremendous mistake.” They have no humanity.

The truth is Khashoggi was brutally beaten and his fingers severed before being beheaded and dismembered. The killers are said to have worn headphones blasting loud music so as to not hear his screams. One of the 15 killers was a body double who was seen on surveillance video walking out of the consulate wearing the same clothes worn by Khashoggi when he entered the building earlier that day. However, the attempt to cover up the Saudi Prince’s involvement was inadvertently foiled when the body double was seen on camera leaving the consulate wearing different shoes than Khashoggi wore on the way in. Perhaps the “tremendous mistake” the Saudi’s are now talking about was the decoy’s choice of footwear. Obviously the Prince was the one who made the “tremendous mistake” by ordering the assassination.

Recently some US Senators have challenged President Trump on his not coming down hard on the Crown Prince. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.,  said there is “zero chance” the crown prince wasn’t involved in Khashoggi’s death. “There’s not a smoking gun. There’s a smoking saw,” Graham said, referring to reports from the Turkish government that said Saudi agents used a bone saw to dismember Khashoggi after he was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Graham said “you have to be willfully blind” not to conclude that this was orchestrated and organized by people under the crown prince’s command.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said he believes if the crown prince were put on trial, a jury would find him guilty in “about 30 minutes.”





On November 21, 2018, President Trump signaled he would not take any action against Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman for the vicious death and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The reason the President cited was to “not destroy the economy for our country,” since the Saudi Kingdom influences oil prices. The President justified his decision by declaring “It’s about America first.” This decision by President Trump was extremely disappointing.

We have been strong supporters of President Trump and his economic, trade and immigration policies, but we feel he made a mistake by maintaining support for Saudi Arabia after this heinous murder.. We hope the President will walk this back and take a stronger stand against the Crown Prince.

Vice President Pence’s recent APEC speech in Papua, New Guinea on the United States’ trade dispute with China confirmed he has the strength to lead the USA and be President Trump’s successor.  We hope the President will continue to work closely with his VP and surround himself with others like Mike Pence.




In an interview with BBC correspondent Lyse Doucet, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir dismissed calls for the removal of the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman as “ridiculous.” He continued with his lies insisting the Khashoggi murder was a “rogue operation.” The only rogues in the murder of Khashoggi are the Crown Prince and the Saudi Foreign Minister. With the Saudi’s carrying out a murder like this outside of their doomed kingdom, what are they doing to their own population?

Sooner or later, we will be seeing the invasion of Saudi Arabia by Iran. In a geopolitical analysis, Iran is breaking down economically because of US sanctions. They need to divert attention or the Ayatollah’s regime will be toppled. Invading Saudi Arabia where there are large numbers of Shia Muslims under the guise of freeing their suppressed Shia population would be an easy sell to the suffering people of Iran. This may be happening sooner than anyone is predicting.

The Middle-East is a powder keg ready to ignite with this inexperienced idiot Prince Mohammed Bin Salman ready to light the match. The world will blame President Trump and the USA for not doing the right thing and removing the violent Saudi Prince. In the end the ones that will suffer be the innocent people, the elderly and the children as is currently happening in Yemen. Current America Middle-East policies will backfire. President Trump’s war mongering support of Saudi Arabia will cost millions of innocent lives. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman must be removed or we will be facing much bigger problems.


Trump, Saudi Betrayal

Predictions/Overview updated 12/03/2018

A plan is already in place to deceive President Trump by his so called friend and ally, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman al Saud. Arrangements are in position for the Saudis to replace the USA in Saudi Arabia with Russia. We must warn, that Russia’s current arsenal of arms is at least as good if not superior to the American arsenal. Following the cold war, President Clinton and later President Obama grossly neglected the US military. Deep budget cuts to the Pentagon and the Department of Defense caused much of the US military arms and equipment to become old and outdated. As a result, Russia may have surpassed the US in its military capability.

The Prince and President Putin have much in common. For one, they are both murderers with much innocent blood on their hands. They are two unprincipled and power hungry men that will stop at nothing to achieve supremacy and have zero compassion or care for anyone including their own people. Their recent choreographed high five at the G20 summit was not a spontaneous greeting. It was a deliberate message the two men were sending to the President of the United States. President Trump is naïve if he and his idiotic son-in-law Jared Kushner are placing their trust and support in a murderer. The Crown Prince must go if the United States is to continue its influence in the Middle East.

We Do Not Need More Fake News Like CNN and other Liberal Media Outlets; Fox News Should Change Their Blind Support of the President

Fox News has been the biggest and really only supporter of President Trump in the media. They pride themselves on being fair and balanced but that has not always been the case with respect to the President. Their anchors back him blindly and never seem to offer any criticism when it is warranted. We are very glad Fox News stands as the lone television media voice for conservatives, but if they truly wish to be fair and balanced and be considered a credible news source they cannot always make excuses for President Trump when he makes a misstep. They will only do their country and their viewers justice when they report honestly, even if it means calling the Commander in Chief out when he needs to be called out.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is Another Evil Punisher and Murderer

Since the failed coup attempt in 2016, the Turkish President has shut down more than 150 media organizations, issued thousands of arrest warrants and detained more than 70,000 accused of being Gulen followers. He has rounded up academics, journalists and political opponents. Some have since been released but others have never been seen again since their arrests. Now this murderous Turkish President is speaking out and condemning the Saudi Prince. We say to you Mr. Erdogan; please take a good look into the mirror of truth, freedom of expression and of justice!



In the Aftermath of the #MeToo Movement, American Men Need a New Country Where Women Love Men

The recent revelation of a rash of sexual assault allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and others has changed the landscape with regard to sexual assault victims. While ample evidence exists of the horrendous acts by Weinstein and other celebrities, the long list of female victims admitting to having been sexually assaulted and or harassed has ushered in the #MeToo era. The #MeToo movement has empowered women to speak publicly about their experiences in an effort to bring about much needed change and awareness. Lots of good has come from the #MeToo; but has the pendulum swung too far?

Out of the success of #MeToo, the #BelieveWomen movement has now taken hold. #BelieveWomen is the ideology that women must always be believed regarding sexual assault accusations; even when the evidence contradicts their claims. Simply put, if a man is accused of sexual misconduct against a woman, he is always guilty and she is always telling the truth. She should be believed by virtue of her gender, and the person that doubts her word is almost as appalling as the person who allegedly assaulted her. The long held American value and constitutional doctrine of innocent until proven guilty is no longer the standard when a woman accuses a man in the age of #MeToo and #BelieveWomen. At least not in the court of public opinion. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the recent circus surrounding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Women Have #MeToo: Its Time for Men to Create #YouToo

We do not make light of true victims of sexual crimes. Sadly, far too many women have been victimized by despicable men who should face justice for their crimes. But not all accused men are guilty. Many innocent men have been sent behind bars for crimes they did not commit on the testimony of a woman with a horrible motive or an ax to grind. The Duke Lacrosse team, Tawana Brawley, Sacred Heart football players and Emmett Till are just a few infamous cases of false accusations by women. Yes, it happens. Accusations against anyone must be believed on their merits and on the evidence. Not based on the gender of the accuser. The #MeToo and #BelieveWomen movements have gone too far. The left-winged Democrats are exploiting female victims for their own political purposes. In the case of Judge Kavanaugh, its obvious their motive is to thwart his nomination. But who is next? If successful taking down the judge on a baseless accusation, will they be emboldened to go after other political enemies with these same tactics? Its time for men across America to rise up, unite and create their own #YouToo movement to counter the injustice they face when falsely accused by women seeking revenge, fifteen minutes of fame or some other ill-gotten motive.

The unsubstantiated allegations against Judge Kavanaugh are weak at best with no evidence or collaboration.  At the request of the Senate Judiciary Committee the FBI completed its 7th investigation of Kavanaugh’s background and for the 7th time it came back clean. But let’s play devil’s advocate and assume Dr. Ford’s account is accurate. Let’s suppose a drunk 17 year old Kavanaugh was kissing a drunk 15 year old Blasey Ford at a high school party. The boy then tries to remove the girl’s clothing. She tries to stop him, but he is too excited and doesn’t get the message. She screams and he reacts by covering  her mouth to not draw any attention.  He stops and walks away.  Dr. Ford’s own account admits no violence or sexual  intercourse took place. Their encounter was brief and ended right there. Even if that unsubstantiated account were true, does that rise to the level of a rape attempt? Wouldn’t most every high school boy and girl in that situation attempt do the same thing? This is a part of growing up for everyone during the transition from teenager to adulthood. All  boy’s including left-wing liberal senators have been through similar situations. Are we all now 36 years later labeled as rapists? How hypocritical of the Democrat senators.  Is a person who has led an exemplary adult life and built a stellar reputation both professionally and personally be disqualified from a career advancement on the grounds of that 10 minute high school encounter? Common sense says “NO” but in today’s hyper politically charged climate, obstructionist Democrats will stop at nothing in their quest for power. It does not matter who they destroy or what lies and smears they spread along the way. Whoever or whatever stands in their way will be destroyed. What would happen if we were to dig into the high school and college years of Democrats in Congress? How many of them would be left standing if scenarios like the one alleged against Judge Kavanaugh would disqualify them from service?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh;  Innocent Until Proven Guilty!

By all measures, Judge Kavanaugh has led an exemplary adult life. His credentials and reputation are above reproach. But when a women suddenly accuses him of an attempted rape that allegedly took place 36 years ago at a party when they were both in high school, with no collaborating evidence, no memory of where or when it happened, and everyone she claims was at the party has denied having any memory of such a party; she is to be believed and Kavanaugh is not. He is deemed guilty and unfit to not only serve as a Supreme Court Justice, but also declared by many to be unfit to serve in his present role as appellate court judge and basketball coach for his 10 year old daughter’s team. Did we mention his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is a registered Democrat, a left-wing activist, and is being represented by Democratic lawyers, and is being advised by a Democratic operative who was recorded over the summer saying that she was going to work to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation?

The Democrats Support a Lawless Society

Lack of evidence does not matter, his stellar reputation does not matter, nor do the affidavits of dozens of women vouching for his character matter. Women who worked with or for the judge and had only words of praise and admiration for him, specifically praise for the respectful manner in which he has treated women and conducted himself.  However, those women are not to be believed in this current climate of the #BelieveWomen movement. Nor should Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor turned GOP Senate committee questioner be believed when she said in her report after questioning Dr. Ford, “A ‘he said, she said’ case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that.” None of those women have a voice. The only voice we should listen to and believe according to Democrats is the lone woman with a terribly weak case but a strong possible motive to sabotage Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Do the Democrats and the Liberal Media No Longer Believe the Christian Principles of Repentance and Forgiveness?

Have they Become Atheists? 

Have we really gotten to the point where a 53 year old is deemed unworthy because of a high school indiscretion? Do liberal Democrats have no morals or values? Are the left-winged politicians that call themselves Christians and visit churches for photo opportunities before an election practicing the Christian values they claim they hold dear? What about not bearing false witness against our neighbor? Is that commandment suspended when its politically expedient to do so? Haven’t we as a nation always acted true to the Christian values of forgiveness? Afterall, every election season we see Democrat politicians visit African America churches and preach politics from the pulpit in lieu of the usual Sunday morning sermons churchgoers are accustomed to hearing. Do those liberal politicians really believe Christian principles like love thy neighbor and forgive thine enemies, or are they simply visiting churches   to troll for votes? When past presidents admitted to youthful indiscretions, we forgave them and did not judge their ability to serve in the highest office in the land as leader of the free world because of the things they did decades earlier in high school and college. Bill Clinton admitted to smoking marijuana, George W. Bush was arrested for DUI and Barack Obama used cocaine. Whether you supported them or not, those admitted indiscretions did not affect their ability to serve as President. So now, still assuming Dr. Ford’s weak and uncorroborated allegations were true, did we forget how to forgive? When Peter lied and denied his association with Jesus three times, did that disqualify him from his apostleship? Did Paul’s persecution of Christians before his conversion on the road to Damascus nullify his ability to serve as an apostle? If the aforementioned presidential and biblical examples of sin and forgiveness did not disqualify those men from their high callings, are we now going to crucify Judge Kavanaugh for trying to get to third base with a girl when he was in high school?

Meanwhile celebrity hypocrites like Whoopi Goldberg who defended filmmaker Roman Polanski after his criminal conviction for having sex with a 13 year old girl, goes on her political TV show, The View and spews liberal venom against conservatives on a daily basis. Recently, Goldberg viciously  attacked the President’s son for his defense of Judge Kavanaugh by saying, “You only worry about this for your child if you think your child has these tendencies,” She said of Mr. Trump Jr.’s interview with DailyMailTV. “If you think your child is not someone who is assaulting people, it shouldn’t be a concern for you.” This kind of vitriol is becoming more common from Hollywood, media and throughout college campuses.

Could these recent obstructionist tactics from liberal Democrats cause an uprising in the United States? The people are fed up with Democrat politicians abusing their power to destroy individuals like Brett Kavanaugh simply to further their political agenda. The previous administration was no stranger to abuses of power. The Obama team publicly blamed an anti-Islamic video for the embassy deaths in Bengasi weeks before the presidential election then doubled down by arresting the film maker, knowing full well the video was not the reason for the planned attack on the embassy. They used the IRS to harass their political opponents and even used the powers of the executive branch to secure FISA warrants to spy on an opposing political candidate. The American people are approaching a tipping point. They are not going to sit by quietly as liberal politicians abuse their power and destroy the lives of innocent people with opposing political views. The relentless, politically motivated attacks on Kavanaugh very well could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. CNN, CNBC, Hollywood and  the liberal media have gone so far to the left. They purposefully have chosen not to present the news in a fair and impartial manner. We predict sooner rather than later a massive split of the 50 states where the difference in principles will be so large it could actually result in dividing the United States into two separate  countries. Are we closer to seeing the United States split into two different, independent countries where the conservative Republican states will have economical wealth and prosperity and the liberal Democrat states will become a poor socialist, bankrupt country? Civil disobedience and uprising in response to the political left’s abuses of power could be costly. The first American Civil War resulted in 620,000 American deaths. Could civil unrest again be in America’s future?

The Democratic Party of Today is No Longer the Party of Bill Clinton; It’s the Party of Fidel Castro and Nicolas Maduro 

Bill Clinton the two term President from 1993-2001, and longtime rock star of the Democrat party could never win his party’s nomination today. While in office, President Clinton was tough on illegal immigration, tough on crime, and presided over a thriving economy. When he accepted his party’s nomination during his reelection campaign in 1996 campaign, Clinton promised to  build the bridge to the 21st century. Little did he know then that bridge would lead the Democrat party he led for eight years towards socialism.  During his 1995 State of the Union Address, Clinton received a bipartisan standing ovation for his tough talk on illegal immigration. During his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump was called a bigot, a racist and a fascist for saying the same things President Clinton said twenty years earlier to rousing applause. Today’s democratic party is not the party of Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy. Today’s democratic party is more like the party of Cuba’s former dictator Fidel Castro or Venezuela’s current socialist leader Nicolas Maduro.

Democrats have taken a hard left turn in recent years. The rising stars within their party are unabashed socialists, having been inspired to take up the cause of failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Their movement is gaining traction among college students and academia. Rather than take a stand against socialism Democrat leaders like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Cory Booker, Chris Coons, Kamala Harris and their cohorts jump on the new radical leftist bandwagon in an attempt to embrace the next generation of Democrat voters so they can stay in power, while continuing to drag their party further and further to the left. They have no core principles, conscience or ethics and will do whatever it takes to wrestle away political control.

Marxist teachings have infiltrated academia and the media and are being used to brainwash America’s youth.  Communist and socialist propaganda is actively taught in colleges and universities throughout the US and is being ingrained in the minds of America’s up and coming generation; convincing them there is virtue in socialism and evil in capitalism. Liberal media outlets are largely responsible for vilifying the free enterprise system and tearing down the basic fabric of free Western society.

Unfortunately, inexperienced and naïve young people are becoming increasingly entitled in their thinking and envision a future society of government handouts where everything is free and everything is a “right.” What will become of the United States if we continue to sit back and watch the principles that built this great nation continue to evaporate before our eyes? In many states illegal aliens have more rights and access to things like free higher education than do natural born American citizens.

What is the Solution?
Sadly, in order to avoid major civil unrest in the United States, we can see and do support splitting the USA into two separate countries, which would likely see one evolve into a prosperous conservative led nation and the other become a failed liberal country.

The biggest enemy of the United States is no longer North Korea. It is the new liberal Democrat Party, the liberal left-winged media and ISIS.

Under the leadership of the inexperienced and unqualified limousine liberal socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada has taken a big step towards a Fidel Castro style form of government. Unless the Canadians vote the liberal kid out in the next election, the United States may end up with a new socialist Castro neighbor. There seems to be more than just a physical resemblance between the late Fidel Castro and Justin Trudeau.

As for Europe, I predict they are destined to for certain civil uprising in response to the continent’s Islamization in recent years unless they can rid themselves of the poisonous Angela Merkel and her European socialist cohort leaders. They need to start by dismantling the Saudi and Iranian regimes.

Liberal Media Outlets Have Sunk to New Lows

CNN’s Don Lemon should be fired! His reporting is reprehensible and irresponsible. It was not enough for Lemon to dedicate so much network airtime to drag Brett Kavanaugh’s good name through the mud leading up to his confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States. With the confirmation complete, Lemon continues his disgusting smears and gutter style reporting. He has sunk to new lows even by his already low standards.  Recently, he had Stormy Daniels on his show, the stripper who alleges to have had consensual sex with President Trump over a decade ago, and he asked her about the President’s private parts. How much lower can CNN, already the worldwide leader in fake news continue to sink? How can they claim to be serious journalists when they allow Lemon to embarrass himself and his network with that level of trash TV? No moral or ethical person should ever waste a minute of their time watching what Lemon and CNN try to pass on as news. Is this really what left-winged liberal journalism has become in 2018?

CNN’s Don Lemon

On October 30, 2018, CNN host Don Lemon declared white men as America’s biggest threat when he proclaimed, “We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.” Two days later his colleague, Chris Cuomo stated on his CNN show, “The President of the United States is attempting something no other President has in modern history, he is trying to start a mass movement based on fear and loathing of a minority group.”

We are not white men, nevertheless, the comments of these two CNN anchors left us completely speechless! We must take a stand against this kind of reckless and irresponsible hate speech. The liberal media and left winged academia are trying hard to rewrite history. Here are the facts; the United States of America is where it is today because of the efforts of European settlers. It was not Native Americans, Africans or Latinos who founded and built the number one country in the world. It was white Europeans that built the foundation of the United States. Yes it is a nation of immigrants and all minority groups have made significant contributions to America’s greatness and continue to do so in large numbers as they are helping to make America great again. No one hides that fact, and it is a fact worth celebrating, but lets not forget America’s history, or even worse try to rewrite it and vilify white men in the process.   It is because of those white European settlers that America enjoys the freedom of speech that allows Don Lemon to hurl insults at white men.  Lemon, Cuomo, CNN and other liberal media outlets are simply carrying the water for the democrat party’s game of identity politics. The democrats have no message and no game plan for the economy, trade, immigration reform, or any other important issue. As a result, they engage in hurling insults and politics of division. They rely on CNN and others to assist them in their smears of the President and the GOP.



We back President Trump and we stand at his side in full support of his policies. He is the only US President in recent years who truly wants America to be great again. Sadly, liberals and Democrats as well as the so-called media are rooting for America to fail. Tell us which countries have prospered or flourished under socialist democratism. They take disproportionate amounts of money by charging high taxes on the hard working in order to give handouts to the lazy.  Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and other liberal media anchors and contributors should be very careful. They are on the verge of inciting violence that could result in a civil war. This is nothing short of Trotskyite ideology being propagated by CNN. They should have fired Lemon immediately after his hateful comments.

A Human Color is What You are Told to See

We detest so many violent organizations made up of weak and hateful men needy for attention and intent on destruction. Some of these violent, radical, so-called nationalists and or religious sub-organizations include the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Muslim Brotherhood, White Nationalists, radical Islamist Wahhabism, radical Islamist Salafi movement, Aryan Guards, Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, American Nazi Party, European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO), ….Combat 8, National Front, New European Order, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, Indonesian Mujahedeen, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah Sahaba, Hizul Mujahideen, and the list goes on. These and others like them are detestable and should never enjoy the support of any decent human being.

These organizations are led by horrific people who prey on the weakness of liberal politicians in order to create these violent factions, often in the name of various religions. No true God teaches violence, murder, perversion, rape, or suppression of women. We need a worldwide ban by the United Nations and every nation on Earth on all of these violent religious factions. Today, the speed of internet communications is the match that lights the fuse of these violent ideologies preaching and acting upon their hate in the name of God or Allah.

Strasbourg Based European Court in Austria Supports Pedophile Prophet Muhammad

The Strasbourg based European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) court convicted an Austrian woman of disparaging religion and fined her 480 Euros for calling the Prophet Muhammad a pedophile. The court ruled that insulting the Islamic prophet “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate, and by classifying them as an abusive attack on the prophet of Islam that could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace.”



This decision is TOTAL MADNESS! Especially given the fact the prophet Muhammad himself confirmed that having sex with a child is more satisfactory than with an adult. The young child Aisha was only 6 years old when he took her to be his wife. While he supposedly did not have  intercourse with her until she was 9 years old, the age of menstruation, he did fondle her and engaged in the Muslim sanctioned practice of “thighing,” This 53 year old man rubbed his penis between the thighs of this innocent little child until he climaxed (See Fatwa No. 31409). Aisha even talked of scrubbing the prophet’s semen from her clothes (Hadith 1:229). Several Hadith also give multiple accounts of Muhammad spreading the legs of little boys and placing his mouth on their “little’ penises, including that of his grandson Hasan.



The Austrian woman at the center of this terrible court ruling was exactly right when she said Muhammad was pedophile. The Prophet Muhammad did engage in sexual acts with an innocent 6 or 7 year old child, Aisha, whom he took as his wife and he indeed was a pedophile. The Strasbourg based ECHR should never have made this terrible ruling. In doing so they have reversed true justice and the rights for free speech. Does this ruling mean that anyone who calls out Catholic priests embroiled in sexual abuse against children will be punished and fined? Never before have the courts ruled against anyone who has criticized Christianity but now they make this unconstitutional ruling in order to not be offensive to Muslims. Are we seeing the beginning of the Islamization of Europe? Is this the end of our rights and freedoms?  What ever happened to freedom of speech? Is freedom of religion the next freedom to be attacked? After all, to belong to a religion that is not Islam is in and of itself offensive to Muslims.

What will happen to the person that dares speak out against Islam’s practice of female genital mutilation? It is the barbaric practice of cutting the genitalia of a young girl to keep her from enjoying sexual relations as an adult to ensure her marital fidelity to her future husband. It is estimated that more than 180,000 women and girls in the EU alone are at risk of genital mutilation each year. More than 200 million women alive today across the world are survivors of this brutal practice that leaves many long-lasting consequences for the victim and in some cases, can be fatal. Who will dare speak out now if they are subject to punishment and fines for their words?



Islam is a Religion of Evil Men; Not God

Which god, through his Angel Gabriel would instruct a prophet to marry a 7 year old child and commit sexual acts with her? Which god would tell his prophet he can marry as many women as he likes and take slave girls as sexual bounty? Which god would agree to the genital mutilations of millions of innocent young girls in order to eliminate their sexual appetite as adults? Those are not the acts of a god or of a prophet.  Those are the acts of the devil and that man calling himself a prophet is evil. The Prophet Muhammad was nothing more than an evil pedophile both then and now. Islam was a religion created by a band of violent, hate filled pedophilic sexual predators. Men who had nothing to do with God. Today, these Islamic preachers, muftis, shaykhs, imams, ayatollahs and mullahs spreading the teachings of Muhammad are perverted men that represent an evil sexual pedophile named Muhammad and a devil they call Allah.

Your day of reckoning on Earth is coming closer. Islam must be banned for the world to have peace Islam has brought only misery to its followers and left a path of destruction in its wake.

For more detailed information on Islam, its founding and its evil practices read the papers 1 through 10 on this website.

We appeal to the higher courts and governments throughout Europe to take a stand for the rights of the people and reverse this horrendous judicial ruling. Freedom of speech is essential for the protection of the people of Europe and throughout the world. How much money will those same European courts fine our website thetruthnotdenial.com? Are we to be in fear of persecution because we dare speak out against this heinous and poisonous religion that leaves a clear path of destruction wherever it goes? We will not be silenced. We will speak out on behalf of the innocent Muslim women and children that suffer each day under the terrible yoke of this religion of hate and violence. Read our papers on this website and learn for yourself the truth which the Islamisized European courts are tying to silence.

I wonder how the European (ECHR) judges would feel if it were their young 6 year old daughter or granddaughter forcibly married to this evil, violent pedophile Prophet Muhammad. Would they still protect Islam in that case?

The European Union’s mostly liberal politicians have completely failed to protect its members, their identity and their rich and storied history. This expensive bureaucracy must be dismantled as it no longer serves any purpose other than to use its 143 billion euro budget to compensate its highly paid bureaucrats and politicians, sponsor the continued the Islamization of Europe while failing the original inhabitants. The EU is no longer needed to enact trade deals.

We applaud the Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz for his decision to join Hungary in not signing the The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. They are leading the way in their efforts to take Europe back from the liberal forces trying to destroy it and protect their sovereignty.


The Catholic Church is as Perverted as Islam in Their Practices Regarding Children

Pope Francis, (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is a socialist and supporter of left-winged politics. He has been a useless pope and has done nothing to fix the Catholic Church’s past and ongoing problems with child abuse at the hands of Catholic priests: so-called men of God.

In what amounts to nothing more than lip service in the wake of mounting global sexual assault accusations against Catholic priests, Pope Francis said recently in a written statement “We showed no care for the little ones; we abandoned them.” His words ring hallow given the fact he has failed to take any action on claims of abuse and done nothing to prevent future child abuse. Our response to the pontiff  is to say “Shame on you for keeping the culture of child rape alive and well by not allowing priests to marry as they once were!”

Unless priests are allowed to marry we will continue to see this kind of child abuse take place in the future. The Roman Catholic Church has lost its moral authority. Its time for Catholics to recognize their church leaders have abandoned the principles of God. Its time for Catholics to leave the Church and seek spiritual guidance and worship outside of the Catholic church elsewhere in Christianity.



We Could Be 10 Years or So Away from Human Destruction on Planet Earth

Anger, ego, self-interest, greed, power and control have always been the causes of human war; but now the internet could be speeding us towards the next nuclear, third world war. Information flows out of control on the internet. We often do not know which news is real and which is fake. Made up stories and fake news are often supported by various groups, companies and financial entities with self-serving purposes. Sustainability is being eroded on a daily basis and we are losing our equilibrium.

Equilibrium is all about balance, i.e. a wolf will eat a sheep to survive. Now human wolves are killing as many sheep as possible; not for survival but out of greed. Eventually there will be no sheep or wolves remaining. That is how we could be headed towards the destruction of the human race.

A nuclear accident is a real possibility. A dirty bomb detonated by Islamic terrorists could potentially start a blame game that could move swiftly through the internet resulting in nuclear catastrophe. How can we avoid potential destruction?

Do we need inhabitants from another planet to occupy Earth and enslave us? Should we bring back clones of dead tyrants like Hitler and Stalin to lead us and take away our freedoms? I am struggling to give a hopeful possible outcome given the state of instant internet communications.

Hitler and Stalin were faces of evil in the 20th century. The 21st century faces of evil are ISLAM and the LIBERAL MEDIA, both with strong support from various democratic Western governments.