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Posted 3/12/2019, Revised 5/8/2018

Once you read this ten part series on Islam you will recognize the perversion and evil, this so called religion of peace teaches and practices. Islam has no place in the modern world and should banned.

The information on this website was composed by a team of Ph.D’s

Series 1: Islam

Our first ten-part series is aimed at exposing Islam and calling for its world-wide ban:

  1. Islam is Perverted and Violent
  2. The Qur’an, Hadith, Sharia Law and the Prophet Cannot be God’s Revelations
  3. The Prophet & Aisha, the 6-Year-Old Virgin Girl
  4. Sharia is derived from the Qur’an; You Cannot Separate Them; Home Grown Terrorism is Here to Stay and Grow in the West
  5. Islam is not a Religion, It is a Violent Political Ideology
  6. Western European Countries Have Already Become Failed States
  7. The Catholic Pope, British, French, Swedish, German, Italian and Liberal Western Leaders are the New Converts and Protectors of Islam and Sharia;
  8. Military Takeover/Rule in the Middle East is the Only Way Forward
  9. Islam/Sharia is a Religion Based on Fear and Intimidation; Anyone Who Questions any Aspect of the Quran, Sharia Law or the Hadith is Guilty of Blasphemy
  10. Baba Vanga; A Blind Bulgarian Mystic, Clairvoyant and Herbalist

Has Predicted Many Things Including the Rise of ISIS and the   September 11, 2001 Attacks on the USA


We take an old school, traditional and conservative approach in all of these papers. The liberal and democrat political parties have become too idealistic and economical with the truth. They no longer represent the average person.

Most of the world’s religions teach that God created men and women as equals. In Islam, Allah the Devil and his Prophet Muhammad the Evil were created by only men.

Islam Uprising

Islam is radical. It is not a peaceful religion. It is a religion directed by cowardly men that hide behind women and children using them as  literal body shields, placing them in the line of fire in order to protect themselves from harm. We invite you to carefully read these papers and verify all of this important information for yourselves. Our papers will prove the following beyond any reasonable doubt:

  • Islam is a political ideology of extremism, radicalism, fear, child rape, suppression, perversion and violence.
  • Islam is at war with Christianity and the world.
  • Islam brings nothing but misery to its followers, the West and the entire human race.
  • Allah (the devil), Prophet Muhammed (the evil), Hadith and Sharia Law are all Islam.

More than 95% of Muslims do not know the truth about Islam nor are they aware of many of the facts described in these papers. They are taught prayers and recitations by evil religious scholars, imams, sheiks, mullahs, ayatollahs, Al-Azhar faculty that purposefully hide the truth in order to control them.

Anni Cyrus is an Iranian born woman forced into marriage at the age 9. As a young child she was beaten, raped and imprisoned and discovered the truth about Islam firsthand. Today, she is a human rights activist exposing the truth about Islam. We are not in any way affiliated with Ms. Cyrus, but we applaud her efforts and hope to join her in educating readers about the real Islam.


Ban this violent, perverted and oppressive political ideology known as “Islam.” The mainstream media, in particular CNN and MSNBC along with Germany’s Angela Merkel and Pope Francis have sheltered and protected Islam preventing the truth from being widely known. They are now the anti-Christ of the 21st century.

Belgium and Sweden Need their Armies, NATO Forces and or Russia to Help Rid Them of Islam

In Belgium, 77% of native Francophones and the Dutch speaking Flanders believe the Muslim invasion has taken over their country. Swedish natives are arriving at the same conclusion as their Belgian counterparts. They are witnessing firsthand the destruction of the idyllic Swedish way of life, which is being devoured by the massive influx of Muslim refugees.

Blonde haired blue eyed Swedish women are being raped by Muslim men at near epidemic proportions by immigrants who feel it is their Islamic right. Similarly, they feel just as entitled to establish No-Go Zones, implement sharia law and live off the Swedish welfare system.

Sweden: Muslims and rape: a new hell for Swedish women

There is only one solution  for Belgium and Sweden, and that is to ban the practice of Islam within their borders. Muslims should be given the choice to renounce the practice of Islam or be sent back to the hell they came from. They need to enlist the help of NATO forces or Russia to held rid them of this plaque called Islam. The next twelve paper Islam Uprising series will delve more deeply into the details supporting these statements.

Unfortunately, the recently elected French President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron has proven to be far too liberal when it comes to dealing with Islam. He is a weak president that bows to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her European Islamization policies.

Sharia Law Overtakes the Greek Courts

Greece is now the only European Union country with a legally sanctioned Islamic sharia religious court for their Muslim minority. These  Islamic courts have legal authority to rule in family law matters such as divorce, child custody and inheritance, and are given priority over long established Greek family courts of law.


Have the Greeks gone completely mad? Why are the cowardly religious orthodox leaders not taking a stand against this? Why are they not defending Christianity? Greece is a Christian nation. Muslims and their sharia are nothing but poison to Greek society both in the short and the long term.


The self-serving traitor and Communist Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his government should be tried for selling out the Greek people and the Greek Christian base to a violent perverted religion called Islam. The Greek government is now fast-tracking residency visas for Muslim immigrants in an effort to gain their votes in elections. We call on the Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens to wake up and defend the Greek Orthodox religion from being overtaken by Islam, or resign from your position.

Muslim Women Must Lead the Way

Muslim women, take off your head and face covers! Muslim men, shave off those radical beards or go back to the hell where you came from.

We encourage peaceful mass demonstrations. We are totally against all violent acts. Imagine how the Middle East/Africa and other Muslim countries would be without Islam and the misery it brings to us all.

Muslim mothers from all countries should rise up against Islam and protect their innocent children. The uprising should begin in Iran against the perverted Ayatollah Khamenei and his immoral regime.

We strongly support the Gatestone Institute and recognize them as a credible source of valuable information. We urge our readers to visit www.gatestoneinstitute.org and see for themselves what the media is not reporting.

We also call your attention to the writings of two distinguished journalists and experts on these critical subjects:

  1. Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese American conservative journalist and founder of Congress for Truth and Act for America


  1. Magdi Cristiano Allam, a Muslim born Egyptian Italian journalist that converted to Christianity. He also serves as a regional councilor in the Italian region of Basilicata after being elected in 2010 and a Member of the European Parliament for Italy since 2009.


It seems that politicians, media outlets and respected reporters have so far been lacked the courage to go public with our factual 10 paper series on Islam. We believe there will be some individuals, credible news outlets and reporters that will join our cause and add their voice with ours to ban Islam.

Will President Trump have the courage to ban Islam and shut down all mosques in order to save these hundreds of millions of  Muslim women and young helpless girls that have been physically and morally abused? They are all crying out for help!


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