Paper Eight

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Democracy can no longer be a solution for the Middle East, including all Muslim majority countries i.e. Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia, etc. The only obstacles to a successful military takeover/military rule are the Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahhabis, Salafis, and other radical Sharia splinter groups.



It has been a failure on the part of the US and Western countries such as the UK and France in not bringing peace to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and creating the current mess in Syria.

George W. Bush and his cabinet at the time will go down in history as one the most idiotic conquerors of all time, and not as liberators of Iraq.


How can anyone defeat a country with over a million army and police subscribers and decide to dismantle them immediately?


  1. No post-war plan in place resulted in total eradication of any semblance of law and order that resulted in strengthening and creating many radical Muslim groups. Iraq and the West were much better off under Saddam Hussein who would have never tolerated these radical Islamist organizations.


  1.  Exactly the same mistake was repeated in Afghanistan.


  1. History repeated itself once again in Libya, under British Prime Minister David Cameron. He and his so-called advisors allowed the Muammar Gaddafi regime to fall in Libya without any post-war planning.

Allowing the military and the police to fall created a mess which has become today’s Libya, similar to what we have seen in Iraq.


  1. The same mistakes have recently been repeated in Syria and Yemen. The results will be no different than what we have seen take place in Iraq and Libya. We must not repeat the same mistakes made by President Anwar Sadat and President Hosni Mubarak’s son Gamal Mubarak in allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to return to politics. Neither outcome ended well. The USA and Europe should keep out of this region altogether and support a reformed democratic military.


  1. As long as Islam remains in its present form these countries will never be able to move forward. Islam is causing the current misery in the Middle East. Take Islam out of the equation and a tremendous improvement will be seen immediately in people’s lives.
  2. Now we watch Syria’s President Assad’s latest gas attack on innocent civilians. If Assad reign were to end today, he would be replaced by much more violent and depressive parties by the names of Anas al-Abdal, National coalition of Syria, Jawad Abu Halab, and others, creating another Libya/Iraq total mess, all in the name of an evil religion called Islam. We can only fully support the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria that stands in true opposition. Thanks to Obama and Secretary Clinton’s lack of understanding of the region, and there unwavering support for Islam, Saudi Arabia’s Salafist oppressive regime is financing all of these movements to spread Islam and Sharia.

The only solution for a future Middle East is to support and strengthen these countries’ militaries to allow them to reform their systems, stop corruption, and end Islamic control. An Internal uprising is brewing against Islam. The militaries should not be stopped. Islam will always stand in the way of the militaries.




General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of Egypt is the model of a Middle East military rule. The West needs to support him in order to allow him to be successful in his determination to bring wealth and prosperity resulting in peace. The Egyptian people and Middle Eastern countries only respect the iron fist. Western style democracy will not work in the Middle East.


Mr. President of Egypt; You are failing the Egyptian people!!,

Please listen to my advice. On the economic front, you have already failed the people miserably. Only your army generals, police officers and the wealthy one percent are living well. The rest of the people in your country are in a daily struggle to make ends meet. Their lives were far better and their standard of living was much higher during the Mubarak Regime .

President El-Sisi, you must totally take out the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, and every other Muslim splinter group. Additionally, there needs to be a total replacement of all Azhar University’s Islamic leaders. EL-SISI, beware! Your present lack of action against the Salafists will eventually bring you down. We predict a civil war between the Coptic Christians and the Muslims that will be extremely difficult to stop. Once a civil religious war starts, the divide of EGYPT will follow.

President El-Sisi, it is wrong for you to run Egypt as a totalitarian military regime and to jail anyone that opposes you. Egypt deserves better! It is time for you to reflect on this and make major changes.

Your corrupted military and police forces must stop, or the next revolution will be extremely bloody.

Recently, Egypt transferred the islands of Sanafir and Tiran to Saudi Arabia. Now, Egypt has committed another swathe of land to Saudi Arabia over one thousand square kilometers in size in the southern Sinai Peninsula for a planned mega-city. This is another land sell-out to the Saudis. It is a grave mistake that could backfire! Mr. President, you must not sell one inch of Egypt to anyone! This could be your downfall.

The United States should be very careful. Before fully supporting President El-Sisi, he needs to make sure changes have taken place. If Egypt falls victim to civil war, it will be the end of the Middle-East in its current form. The evil Turkish President Erdogan will likely gain control of Sunni Muslim countries that will become divided into smaller Caliphates.

The bubble is going to explode. Sooner or later there will be no option for Egypt but to mount a military takeover of Saudi Arabia to compensate for its economical failure. Unfortunately, Secretary Clinton who has been radicalized by her inner circle Muslim Brotherhood advisors is of the belief that Muslim Brotherhood governments in the Middle East suit the USA’s policies in the region.

So far the Russians have proven to be loyal to those whom they support. The West on the other hand has sold out many of the leaders and regimes whom they have supported. These policies of ditching leaders once they no longer fit the program must change. That is why the US has lost support in the Middle East and many other parts of the world. I am personally a strong supporter of a Republican/Conservative United States. The world needs the US to lead it to peace and prosperity, but under the previous, disastrous Obama administration, US foreign policy became so weak and disrespected that a US Navy ship was captured by Iran and its commanding officer was forced to apologize to the world. A strong US President would have taken out the Iranian Navy within a few hours in order to teach them a lesson. Respect for America throughout the world must be restored. The Middle-East and Iran only understand and respect a strong Leader. Obama was so weak; or perhaps he was a Muslim supporter.  Time will tell.



These radical Muslim groups are just following the Quran in order to marginalize the Muslim population. Islam is derived from the Quran and its Sharia. Islam has to go! It is a violent, controlling and miserable religion.

Islam cannot co-exist with other governments; it intends to rule as a government.

Sharia teachings have become the basis for these so-called religious groups that give them total control over their followers. The West should engage with the Middle East militaries and support them under the following reforms:

  1. The military should first and foremost eradicate corruption.
  2. Give comparable wages to officials at all levels.
  3. Order must be restored to a corrupt military.
  4. The brutal police authorities should be punished for their illicit actions and held to a standard of zero tolerance for corruption and brutality.

Citizens must be given basic civil rights and rights of justice and due process. There must be an immediate end to police beatings and brutal treatment by authorities, including the various tactics used by police to coerce citizens into giving false testimony, and the raping of men and women in jail etc. Do not forget it was the police treatment of the Egyptian public in the first place that caused the uprising which resulted in the downfall of President Mubarak and his regime.



While Islam has been responsible for centuries of oppression to the Middle East, it is the politicization of Islam by so many radical groups that has been responsible for so much recent misery and oppression to the region. It is because of these groups, once progressive countries like Iran and Afghanistan have devolved into brutal theocracies led by Sharia law. One hundred percent of the destructive wars and misery that is now causing the Middle East to implode have only one thing to blame: Islamic Sharia law.



Simple: ban Sharia altogether. Shut down Al Azhar University in Egypt and put an end to its proliferation of Sharia. Sooner of latrer Islam is going to implode. If it does not, it will create a civil war amongst its people that will bring about death, destruction, and even greater misery.

No more should a man be allowed to marry four wives and divorce as he wishes in order to replace one with another. Beating women and killing gays cannot be acceptable in today’s society.

The Military should ban the use of religion as the main criteria that identifies the individual. Religion is a private matter left to the individual. Loyalty to one’s country should come first, no matter which religion one follows.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi needs to consider a military takeover of Saudi Arabia.


  1. If Egypt does not mount a military takeover, Iran will. The West will be faced with having to deal with an anti-Western regime.
  2. If Iran does not succeed in mounting a military takeover, Saudi Arabia will become a country of similar civil factions fighting each other; an exact repeat of the outcome we have seen in Libya. The West cannot afford a repeat of Libya with all the petroleum reserves in Saudi Arabia.
  3. The West will be much worse off if Iran takes the Saudi’s oil fields in addition to their own, causing a serious economic threat.
  4. Iran has already become stronger as a result of the Obama/Clinton policies of appeasements to a cruel regime.
  5. Iran is already aligning itself with North Korea and Pakistan negotiating the potential purchase of a full atomic bomb. Obama and Clinton were naïve to even consider the Iranian regime would abandon its ambition to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons.
  6. Egypt needs to move quickly towards a takeover of Saudi Arabia before it is too late. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi needs a reliable and strong military partner. He was not able to rely on Obama.


Advice and Warnings

So far military rule in Egypt has failed in eradicating the following:

  1. Salafis
  2. Police Brutality
  3. Hamas
  4. Qatar
  5. Saudi Support of Salafis
  6. Economic revival for the poor and middle class.
  7. Corruption needs to be totally eradicated; zero tolerance.


The army needs to do the following:

  1. Protect Business and cease threats and false accusations.
  2. Immediately replace the government with a team of economic ministers with autonomy from the army.
  3. Keep the military out of trying to run the economy.
  4. Stop corruption and give higher wages. Even a million pounds per year in order to eradicate the culture of corruption as a normal way of doing business.

The Egyptian military regime has so far failed in its attempts to kick start the economy. Separate Islam from the governing of the country



  1. Eventually the Salafi and their allies will replace the president and the army.
  2. Possible civil war uprising as a result of economic failures.
  3. A new wave of generals may seize the opportunity to stage another coup to replace the current president.

The Middle East is already imploding. If we do not find the proposed solution this implosion will result in radical Islam spreading throughout the West as it has already begun.

How do I see the future of the Middle East if it is not taken over by democratic military rules? The writing is on the wall. If you analyze past history, someone is going to be nuked in the next thirty years and then Muslim countries will disappear.

Will Israel be nuked first? We may find out sooner rather than later.

You have to begin with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The present regimes must be disbanded. Saudi Arabia and the latest non-significant nouveau riche, Qatar have been and still are financing these Muslim groups. Sooner or later Saudi Arabia should be split into two or three countries. A reformed military led Egypt should take control of Qatar, not the West.

Iran is ready to implode; the people are close to revolting and an internal uprising against Islam is getting closer. These Mullahs will see a violent ending.


Russia Should be Invited to Join NATO

if Hillary Clinton was elected President of the United States it would have triggered a revival of the Cold War with Russia.

For your information:

Beware of the Russian’s “Satan 2” nuclear missile. The R2-28 Sarmat rocket is a stealth missile with nuclear capabilities powerful enough to destroy an entire nation. The Satan 2 rocket is equipped with Stealth technology to help avert radar detection systems. Current Western Defense technology is incapable of stopping it.

Russian military recently demonstrated its capability in the Mediterranean by firing a stealth missile into Syrian enemy territories over 200 miles away undetected, leaving Western generals totally bewildered and in denial



I predict the left-winged politicians and liberal media such as CNN and MSNBC will lead us into a nuclear third world war in my lifetime. I am extremely concerned about the radical left news anchors like Anderson Cooper, Carol Costello, Wolf Blitzer, Fareed Zakaria, Don Lemon, S.E. Cupps and others. The liberal press has become fake tabloids and information centers for the “Left.” Shame on them!

They totally supported Hillary Clinton for president and are betraying their responsibility as journalists. The very reason the founders provided for freedom of the press was to allow them to serve as fact checkers of the government and not a propaganda outlet.

My biggest concern is the liberal media becoming a catalyst of misinformation that will eventually lead to World War III.

Unfortunately, they are being portrayed as experts in political matters when the truth is they are not experts in anything related to political matters.  Eventually these leftist policies will backfire.

The West must take some important steps regarding NATO.

First, Turkey should be expelled from NATO. Their President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is an evil Muslim Brotherhood supporter and terrorist sympathizer, with ambitions of becoming the next Caliph of the Sunni Muslims.

Additionally, the Kurds should be supported in their quest to establish their own, well deserved country.


The politicians and their advisors of today’s world would have to change their political trends and directions. Why? As a result of social media, the world of today is no longer politically driven. The average person no longer gives politics much credence. They have no trust in political issues anymore. Politicians of today have proven to have zero principles and are weak opportunists that are more concerned with being politically correct in order to be elected.

In the USA, the newly created fashion, the “Limousine Pop Culture,” is supported by the liberal media and movie stars. These are “want to do goody” stars that are nothing but a bunch of empty souls wanting to be seen as doing good for society.

The Islamic countries will never live in peace and security as long as Islam and sharia law, their so-called religion exists. In Japan, the majority practice Buddhism. The world should learn from peace and respect from the Japanese experience. Modern Christianity teaches forgiveness and love for one another. It fully supports the weak and defenseless and strives to protect them; “The meek will inherit the earth.”

The United States First Gesture

The United States needs to make a first gesture on behalf of NATO to Russia. Reposition the missiles from 300 miles, back to their original 1000 miles position prior to the Cold War.

Muslim Countries Choices

Warning to the Middle-East, Iran and Muslim Governments.

Your time is running out, the internet will cause the start of your downfall.

There are three Options to choose from:

1—-Civil Disobedience, repeat of Libya and Iraq.

2—-A Military take over.

3—-The divisions of all your countries in smaller miserable caliphates.


Note to readers:

God loves all human beings. He treats them as equals and protects the innocent, helpless and voiceless, especially the children. Allah (the devil) and Muhammed (the evil) support child rape, genital mutilation, the stoning of gays, degrading of women and the killing and cheating of non-Muslims.

Now we have exposed this fake and fabricated religion called Islam. You should be ashamed of being a Muslim. Any Muslim choosing to remain Muslim after reading and fact checking this material is simply following a horrific political movement.

All mosques must be shut down and we must take a position of zero tolerance.

We do not support any violence or hate speech against Muslims. We support freedom to speak against Islam. We support expressions through peaceful uprising, demonstrations and the ballot box.



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