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The Catholic Pope, British, French, Swedish, German, Italian and Liberal Western Leaders are the New Converts and Protectors of Islam and Sharia;

Sweden and Belgium Will Soon Need Russia’s to Rid Them of Islam

The Catholic Pope Francis (born: Jorge Mario Bergoglio), British, French, Swedish, German, Italian and liberal Western leaders are the new converts and protectors of Islam and Sharia. These are the new Western imams

Advice to Pope Francis:

You have become too political. You have forgotten the basic duty of your job is to protect Catholics. They are now being overtaken by Muslim refugees and rather than protect the Catholic church, you have chosen to stand with the Muslim refugees and fully support and encourage their rapid proliferation. We as Christians have a duty to protect our religion from being decimated by this perverted and violent religion called Islam. You should resign or be faced with a mass exodus of your flock to other Christian denominations. You are foolishly wrong and a danger to Catholicism.

Sweden is living proof of my claim. In April 2014, Swedish politicians passed a new law criminalizing criticism of Islam. The Swedish Constitution has been trampled on by Sharia Islamic immigration. There are currently sixty-one official No-Go Zones in Sweden, up from fifty-five one year ago, that openly practice Sharia Law. Sharia Police patrol these zones and local police are afraid to enter them. Native white Swedes are banned from entering these zones in their own countries by Muslim immigrants.

Violent crimes in Sweden including rape has surged as a direct result of Muslim immigration. Native Swedish women are increasingly becoming the victims of rape at the hands of Muslim refugees. Many blonde Swedish women are resorting to dying their hair black to minimize the chances of rape.



Islamophobia bill M-103 was tabled by Muslim MP Iqra Khalid in the Canadian House of Commons condemning criticism of Islam. The bill was supported by the useless prime minster Justin Trudeau and his liberal party. Where has freedom of speech gone? Apparently, it does not apply when it comes to Islam. What madness we are facing in the West!  Does the Muslim MP not read the Quran and its Sharia Law, the violence, the perversion, the degradation of women, the call to kill gays and non-believers?

These are liberal hypocrites supported by the Canadian liberal media.

The Canadian House of Commons should be voting on the criminalization and banning of this violent religion called Islam. For you, Iqra Khalid , Mississauga MP, pack up your bags, take your followers with you and move to Saudi Arabia. Shame on the Canadian Liberals.

The Canadian Prime Minister and his government should resign after Pierre Trudeau reached a settlement with terrorist killer Omar Khadr of 10.5 million Canadian Dollars and issued an apology following his release from Guantanamo Bay, where he was imprisoned since he was 15 years old after his capture in Afghanistan. Over the years, Canadian courts have tried 15-year-old murder suspects as adults many times. Why was Omar Khadr not tried as an adult for the murder Sgt. Chris Speer and attempted murder of Sgt. Layne Morris who lost an eye in the firefight? Have the liberal Canadian Regulators gone mad? Khadr was a ruthless killer. He was not a child and did not behave as a typical Canadian teenager. My hope is that Sgt. Morris and the widow of Sgt. Layne will receive 10.5 million dollars. They are the ones who paid the price, one having lost an eye and the other a husband. They are deserving a financial reward for fighting to protect our freedom and democracy. Instead of rewarding the murderous terrorist, the Canadian PM should have dealt harshly with Khadr and his radical father by withdrawing their Canadian citizenship and send them both back to the hell they came from.

Mr. Trudeau, you have brought shame to all Canadians by apologizing to this bastard and rewarding him with money. You have told the world and all of our brave soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria that their lives do not matter. The Canadian government has just apologized to a killer and rewarded him. Has our society gone mad? Similar occurrences are taking place regularly throughout all of liberal Western Europe thanks to the traitor Angela Merkel.  In Sweden, Belgium, Italy, France, Norway etc., naturalized ISIS fighters return and are get to keep their European passports, receive social security support and laugh at the government’s stupidity while continuing to hate us and look at us with contempt. They should be denaturalized and returned to ISIS, not given special treatment.


Pierre Trudeau and the Charter of Rights

Mr. Trudeau, on April 17, 1982, your father Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau enacted the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which became part of Canada’s Constitution

The bill gave more rights to criminals and offenders than to law abiding citizens. One example is the “paddling of prisoners.” Examining the statistics shows this was a proven effective deterrent.

Pierre Trudeau was a communist who fully supported Fidel Castro, and you, Justin Trudeau are no different than your father. Canada is becoming a socialist/communist country under your leadership. The conservative former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was an economist that cared for the future prosperity and religious protection of all Canadians, which you are squandering.


Eastern European countries have finally woken up to Muslim immigration and are beginning to take action to ban it. What is the solution to save Sweden and other Western European countries?


  1. Immediate repatriation of all Muslim immigrants in No-Go Zones.
  2. Closing down all mosques that teach Sharia Law. It may mean closing them all and repatriation of the imams.
  3. Halt all immigration of refugees from Muslim countries.
  4. Elect new right wing/conservative politicians who will put in effect these necessary actions.
  5. Cut all ties with Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries that practice Sharia Law.
  6. Build ties to Russian Leaders, who could assist in eradicating the Muslim cancer that has metastasized.
  7. Until recently the US could not be counted on. Under Obama and Hillary Clinton the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood thrived and gained strength.
  8. Ban all forms of Islamic head and body coverings for women and other outward signs of Islamic radicalization.
  9. Understand the current Pope is helping protect radical Islam and is not an ally in the fight against Sharia and radical Islam. Pope Francis is a liability to Europe.


Decisive action by strong right wing European politicians is needed and political correctness must be totally abandoned. Many human rights organizations have become biased and have changed their objectives and in my opinion have become cult like in their one-sidedness.

Last but not least, Andrea Merkel of Germany will go down in European history as the German imam that allowed the migration of millions of Muslim refugees which changed the fabric of Europe and began the process of converting it to a future Islamic Eurabia.

She should be tried for abuse of office and her dereliction of duty to uphold the German constitution. As a result of the ignorance of left leaning, wanna-be-good politicians and their USA/Obama/Clinton leaders, what does Europe have now? No-Go Zones.

Jails filled with Muslim men are being used as conversion centers for radical Islamists. Once released, these former prisoners become time bombs. The International Tourist Board has recently issued a warning for places to avoid visiting. These are Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Southern France and Sardinia. It is unbelievable that in modern day Europe there are areas where tourists should not go.


Brexit (United Kingdom) Will Be the End of the European Union

First came the UK’s Brexit on June 23, 2016. Similar movements have gained popularity in other EU nations.  This wave of planned exits can be attributed to several factors.

“Islamization,” the massive influx of Muslim refugees initiated by Germany’s Angela Merkel will prove to be the main catalyst to the eventual downfall of the European Union. The EU is run by Germany and her two socialist puppets, French President Francois Hollande, and the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The European Union is composed of 28 countries with old and historic cultures which will never conform to the EU’s dream of adopting a federal style constitution. The only way forward for Europe is to break up the European Union. Which country will begin that process?



Marine Le Pen, the president of the French National Front, France’s national conservative political party came close to winning the French presidential election. She has positioned herself to remain a force in French politics and become Franc’s next leaders. She had promised to follow the British “Brexit” with a French “Frexit” referendum on the EU membership had she won election. A Frexit could have proven to be a nail in the coffin of the European Union. The native French who have followed their ancestors for hundreds of years are now being told by Germany that the very fabric of French society must now change by forcing them to accept a new wave of Muslim refugees. This is on top of the currently 8 million Algerian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Somali and African Muslims already in the country. Suddenly France finds itself with No-Go Zones as these Muslim refugees refuse to assimilate and lay the blame for their problems on everyone but themselves. Marine Le Pen needs to read my papers on Islam and Sharia and assure the French public are fully aware of what is happening in their country.



Geert Wilders, the patriotic leader of the Dutch far-right Freedom Party believes in saving his country for Islamization. His party wants to outlaw mosques, Islamic schools and the Quran. It is time to reverse the Islamization of the Netherlands. The party will implement measures to close mosques and Islamic schools, secure the country’s borders, close asylum seekers centers, ban Muslim immigration and forbid women from wearing headscarves.  Sadly, his party lost the recent election in the Netherlands.



United Kingdom

For starters we call for the resignation of the arrogant and weak British Prime Minister, Theresa May for supporting the advancement of Sharia law in the UK when she told Brits, their country could “benefit a great deal,” from Sharia’s teachings. The present constitution lacks the understanding of what the British electorate needs to take their country back from the growing Islamization of Britain.

The late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was arguably the strongest and greatest leader in the history of the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Thatcher foresaw the dangers of open borders in Europe and wrote about it in her 2002 book, “Statecraft.” She suggested the European single currency was an attempt to create a European super state and “Was bound to fail economically, politically and indeed socially.”

In her notorious Bruges speech, Lady Thatcher said, “But it is a matter of plain common sense that we cannot totally abolish frontier controls if we are also to protect our citizens from crime and stop the movement of drugs, of terrorists and of illegal immigrants.”

It is important to note Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy. Limousine liberals, Democrat politicians and left-wing biased press should take note of Prime Minister Thatcher’s words on “Consensus.” “The process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values, and policies in search of something in which no one believes, but to which no one objects; the process of avoiding the very issues that have to be solved, merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead. What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner: ‘I stand for consensus?”



All orders come from the EU’s headquarters in Brussels. What makes matters worse is that Brussels’ population is currently 25% Muslim which overwhelmingly support Sharia law. Brussels could soon become the first Islamic capital of Europe.

European politicians have betrayed their constituents and have been derelict in their duties to protect their countries’ identities. France, Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Belgium and every other European nation need to take back their countries from the Islamic invasion. Islam is directly challenging Christianity and democracy upon which Europe was built. Europe is in need of a revolution to take back its rich history, culture, and religion.

In 2017, we need to realize that Europe is on a path to be lost to the Islamists. Unless immediate drastic action is taken, it will be too late to save Europe from future Islamization. Europeans must elect anti-Muslim governments. They must not only ban Islam and its Sharia law but must also stop all Muslim immigration and Muslim refugees from entering. Repatriation is not merely an option at this point. It is a MUST.



Recently we saw a repeat of France and Germany’s lorry attacks. In April 2017, another Muslim slammed his lorry into a busy Stockholm pedestrian mall, killing four people and injuring many others. Every day there are no go zones in Sweden occupied by a majority of Muslim immigrants. Sweden is now out of control regarding Islam. It is too late for the native Swedes. The only solution is to seek military intervention. Only NATO or the US military could help. We blame the former and current prime ministers for not taking proper action by simply banning Islam and deporting all Muslims who do not abandon this evil religion called Islam.




The attacks of September 11, 2001 took Al-Qaeda many years of planning and preparation and millions of dollars to carry out. ISIS, while certainly having aspirations of executing similar large-scale attacks has created a new playbook in which they enlist the “lone-wolf” attacker that is capable of carrying out low cost, low tech terror attacks with minimal planning.

In September 2014, ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani called for lone wolf attacks using improvised weaponry, “If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock or slaughter him with a knife or run him over with your car or throw him down from a high place or choke him or poison him.”


 Some Recent Islamist Attacks:

  • October 31, 2017- New York City, eight people dead and eleven injured when 29-year-old, Sayfullo Saipov of Uzbekistan drove a rented pickup truck down a bicycle path near the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.
  • September 30, 2017– Edmonton, Canada, Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 30, a Somali refugee struck a police officer with his vehicle before jumping out of the car and stabbing the officer several times. He later plowed a rented U-Haul truck into a crowd of people injuring 4 more.
  • August 16-18, 2017 – Barcelona, Spain, several ISIS inspired killers carried out a series of attacks including explosions, driving vehicles into crowds and stabbings killing 16 and injuring at least 130.
  • June 3, 2017 – London, United Kingdon, eight people killed and 48 injured in two terror attacks when Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba drove into throngs of pedestrians on London Bridge then fled from the van and proceeded to stab and slash people in bars and restaurants indiscriminately.
  • May 2017, Manchester, England, a suicide bomber attacked the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert with over 20,000 in attendance, killing 22 and injuring 129.
  • April 7, 2017. Stockholm, Sweden, 39-year-old from Uzbekistan, Rakmat Akilov drove a truck into pedestrians on a busy street before crashing into a department store killing 5, seriously injuring 14.
  • March 2017, London, England, Khalid Masood 52, rammed his car, killing 5 people and injuring 50 0thers along the Westminster Bridge.
  • December 2016, Berlin, Germany, 12 people were killed and dozens injured after a truck attack on a popular Christmas market street.
  • November 28, 2016, Ohio State University, 11 injured when an 18-year-old student, Abdul Razak Alicarries out a car and knife attack.
  • October 2016, a sixteen-year-old boy was stabbed to death in Hamburg, Germany.
  • July 2016, France, two men armed with knives killed an elderly priest and injured three others.
  • July 2016, Nice, France, 86 people were killed after a large truck rammed into a crowd celebrating Bastilles Day, injuring many.
  • June 2016, Paris, France, a policeman and his partner were killed in a Paris suburb.
  • March 2016, Belgium, 32 people were killed many more injured by a suicide Bomb.
  • March 2016, Istanbul, Turkey, 5 people were killed, 36 wounded, suicide Bomb.
  • January 2016, Istanbul, Turkey, twelve German Tourists were killed, many more injured by a suicide Bomb.
  • October 22, 2014,Jerusalem, a three-month old girl and an Ecuadorian tourist are killed when a driver swerves into a crowd at a light rail station in Jerusalem.



1—-San Bernardino attack, 2015, Syed Farook and his wife killed fourteen and injured twenty-two others by shooting them down.

2—-Orlando night club, 2016, Omar Mateen killed forty-nine people and wounded fifty-three people in a mass shooting at the Pulse gay night club.

3—-Minnesota, Mall, Daher Adan committed a mass stabbing injuring over ten people.

4—New York and New Jersey 2016, Bombs exploded injuring thirty people. The perpetrator was Ahmad Khan Rahim, an Afghan-born us citizen.



Islam is at war with Christianity and all other religions! The liberal politicians and media outlets tell us it is radical Islam. We tell you, “ISLAM IS RADICAL!”



We care for our future generations


Note to readers:

God loves all human beings. He treats them as equals and protects the innocent, helpless and voiceless, especially the children. Allah (the devil) and Muhammed (the evil) support child rape, genital mutilation, the stoning of gays, degrading of women and the killing and cheating of non-Muslims.

Now we have exposed this fake and fabricated religion called Islam. You should be ashamed of being a Muslim. Any Muslim choosing to remain Muslim after reading and fact checking this material is simply following a horrific political movement.

All mosques must be shut down and we must take a position of zero tolerance.

We do not support any violence or hate speech against Muslims. We support freedom to speak against Islam. We support expressions through peaceful uprising, demonstrations and the ballot box.





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