Paper Three

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The Prophet & Aisha, the 6-Year-Old Virgin Girl

The Prophet Muhammad entered into a marriage contract with Aisha while she was just six years old and consummated his marriage with her when she was nine years old. She stayed married with him for nine years until his death [Bukhari (7.62.88)].

According to Sahih Muslim (8:33:11), Prophet Muhammad married his favorite wife, Aisha, when she was seven years old.  She was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine (and took her dolls with her); when the holy prophet died, she was eighteen years old.

Muhammad the Prophet found the practice of “fondling” virgins like Aisha, preferable to sex with adult women.

Narrated Aisha, “I used to wash the semen of the clothes of the Prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them.”

Aisha was not the only young girl whom the Prophet Muhammad had eyes for; no fewer than 20 Islamic sources, including the Hadith, relay that Muhammad used to suck the tongues of young boys and girls.

The Abuse of Young Boys and Girls in the Name of Islam

I want to ask the Prophet and present religious scholars; what kind of lives will these children have once you have slept with and sexually abused these little girls between the ages of four and seven? These young girls are defenseless and voiceless. Now they are emotionally, mentally and physically destroyed. How can you have sex with a child that you are supposed to protect? They are innocent and pure. You think because you are a prophet or an imam, God or Allah (the devil) has given you such rights?

Pedophile Marriage

In Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and many Muslim countries, pedophile marriages are an imitation of the Prophet and are perfectly legal under Islamic Sharia Law. A mother or father who hand over their young girls or boys have no option because they have been told it is what the Prophet has commanded, and they are not to dare question Allah (the devil) and the Prophet’s wishes. They are threatened with so much fear, if they do not hand over their children e.g. they could lose them or have the other children taken away. Do not blame these poor parents. They are given no options. I feel for them. In Iran, recorded statistics show over 850,000 young girls many under the age of 10 are married to grown men. Child marriage is permitted and encouraged under Sharia law.

850000 young Iranian girls, as young as 9 married

850000 female children are married

I am already feeling sick to my stomach, as, like many of you, I have young girls. How can any normal loving human being/father/brother, even consider such cruelty to children?

The Prophet Muhammad, Ayatollahs, imams, grand muftis, caliphs, can use a young girl of four years old for sexual pleasures in any way they choose. What happens to this four-year-old girl after she has been raped by one of these religious leaders? Of course, they refrain from sexual intercourse and limit their sexual abuse to fondling, “thighing,” kissing and sodomizing.

Muhammad and the Thighing of Aisha

How will a four-year-old girl carry on with her life after she has been abused by an adult? Did you ever give consideration to the future of this innocent child; emotionally, morally, physically or mentally? How can any parent allow the rape of their little innocent baby by a Prophet Muhammad, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ayatollah Ruhollah, Imam, Caliph, or Grand Mufti?

Is that Islam? Is that what the Prophet Muhammad and his religious, pedophile scholars did to children using the name of Allah (the devil) to confirm their sexual abuses of young girls?

When Imam Ayatollah Khomeini Raped a 4-year old

Ayatollah Khomeini’s Stance on Sex with Children

It gets worse. The so-called protectors of Islam in Iran, the respected Muslim leader of Iran (considered as a prophet by the Iranians) Ayatollah Khomeini gave an explanation after hearing a four-year-old girl scream all night during her “temporary marriage.” Khomeini said the temporary marriage with the child is allowed for the purposes of  sexual contact limited to groping, kissing, thighing (sex between the legs), and sodomizing. It is not permitted to have intercourse with a girl before nine years old. The perverted, sick, evil Ayatollah Khomeini confirms, “When it comes to other pleasures such as hugging and sex between the thighs, it is not a problem, even if she is still a baby.”

Khomeini’s rules regarding sex with children:

A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate vaginally, but sodomizing the child is acceptable. If a man does penetrate and damage the child then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life.

This girl will not count as one of his four permanent wives and the man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister. It is better for a girl to marry at such a time when she would begin menstruation at her husband’s house, rather than her father’s home.

Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven. [“Tahrirolvasyleh”, fourth edition, Qom, Iran, 1990]


Women of the world must rise up! Organize a one day worldwide demonstration to support the suffering young girls who are being raped in the name of Islam. Call for the trial of Iran’s present leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Your demonstration may trigger an uprising in Iran that could topple all of these perverted mullah.

President Obama, totally supported the evil regime and the Muslim Brotherhood Organizations during his presidency. It should come as no surprise that his friend, the Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Supreme Leader of Iran, argues that kissing, fondling, hugging and thighing is permitted. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, also decreed young virgins who have been convicted and imprisoned must be raped before being executed to prevent them from entering heaven. He is a sick bastard. Surely President Obama must have received reports from the CIA and the FBI on the backgrounds of these religious leaders. Why would he even befriend them or deal with them? Surely one day soon he will have to answer to his own children. Of course, his answer will be politics. Shame on you President Obama! Even if you believe in supporting Islam, at least read the Quran and its Sharia Law.

Dirty Mullahs in Iran

“Iran Doesn’t Hesitate to Murder its Children- it Just Uses a Loophole”

On May 4, 2018, the Canadian National Post published a story by the courageous reporter Geoffrey Clarfield, entitled, “Iran Doesn’t Hesitate to Murder its Children- it Just Uses a Loophole.”  Mr. Clarfield described the Islamic Republic of Iran’s cruel and inhumane treatment of underage offenders and the recent surge in juvenile executions under the guise of the Iranian penal code, based on the country’s Shia-style “Shariah” legal system.  The article discusses the Islamic nation’s harsh penalties for anyone accused of sex outside of marriage, homosexuality and even drinking alcohol; all which can, and often do lead to execution.

The article states, “Forty seven per cent of Iran’s population is under 18. Iran is responsible for 73 per cent of all child executions in the world and it is the world’s top executioner of children. It also has the highest per capita execution rate in the world. Yet because the government is sensitive to world opinion, they let their incarcerated child offenders live until they are 18. They then execute them as adults.”


I have the utmost respect for Mr. Clarfield and the courage he demonstrated to bring these facts to light and he is worthy of praise.  On the other hand, the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres is no different than most politicians. He is a corrupt coward and the sad leader of the morally bankrupt United Nations. It is unconscionable how he can allow these innocent children to be raped through these forced, illegal marriages. If one of these innocent young girls even dares to complain, the Ayatollah and mullahs place her in jail, where she is raped and beaten until she reaches the age of adulthood when she is then executed. Shame on you Mr Guterres! You should resign immediately for being complicit and allowing Iran to commit these crimes against humanity while you sit quietly and say nothing. This is Islam. The Iranian military and national guard should topple the Ayatollah and the mullah before the people eventually rise up against them. The people of Iran will have the last word and will be the ones conducting the public lynching! Mark my word, that day is coming.

The Prophet and Boys Penis’


Hadith, majma al zawad’id, ali ib abu katr al haythani (299/9):

“I saw the messenger of Allah Pbuh (Prophet Muhammad), putting Hussein’s legs apart and kissing his (little) penis.”

Reference: Hadith number 16245,volume title hadith of mu’awiya ib abu sufyan:

“I saw the Prophet Phub sucking on the tongue or the lips of Al Hassan son of Ali.”

Reference: Quran (52:24): “and there will go around boy-servants of theirs, to serve them as they were preserved pearls.”

Reference: Quran (56:17): “they will be served by immortal boys”.

Reference: Quran (976:19) “and around about them will (serve) boys of everlasting youth. If you see them you would think them scattered pearls.”

The Prophet Muhammad also liked to sexually molest young boys because evidently God or Allah (the devil) allowed him to kiss the penis of a boy, to kiss them on the lips, and do with them whatever he liked. How sickening, that this perverted prophet tells us that God or his damned Allah (the devil) allowed him to do it. What kind of God would allow and bless anyone who rapes an innocent child?

Now the bloody imams, caliphs, and grand muftis are imitating this child molester. Interestingly, in a recent 60 Minutes interview the evil President Erdogan of Turkey, disembarked from an airplane; a young girl presented him with flowers and he proceeded to kiss her on the lips! I guess he thinks he is the future Caliph of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad kissed the penis of small boys

The Perverse Sexual Habits of the Prophet – Raymond Ibrahim

Europe needs to wake up before it is too late.

The Prophet’s Wives

It is believed the Prophet always had 11 wives plus at least four concubines with which he had sex regularly. He was evidently married to more than eleven. According to Anas Ibn Malik, “the Prophet used to visit all his eleven wives in one night. He could manage them as he had the sexual powers of thirty men.”

Reference: Quran (66:1-5): The Prophet Muhammad was caught in the middle of the night sleeping with a slave woman. He was supposed to be with one of his wives, initially promising to be faithful. “Allah” tells his Prophet to break that promise and enjoy sex with his slaves. If his wives objected then, “it may be if he divorced you (all) that his Lord will give him instead of you, wives better.” Muhammad had many wives; they must have had a super type of Viagra back then!

So, the Prophet wants us to believe that God or Allah (the devil) wanted women to be treated as sex objects and not equal to men. This kind of Allah (the devil) and his evil Prophet Muhammad should not be worshipped, you might as well worship the devil. A loving God would treat men, women and slaves equally.

Today, Muhammad only allows four wives for Muslims; look at the misery this is causing in the fabric of Muslim societies. Four wives, so many children, all positioning for recognition. This is a sick Islam that treats wives, young girls and boys as sex toys and chattel.

Why would any woman want to be Muslim?

Why would any decent man want to be Muslim?

Turkey’s New Child Rape Legalization

The evil President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has been busy reshaping the political system into an Islamic caliphate. He has recently succeeded in reviving the Muslim Brotherhood style constitution and its Sharia Law through his latest referendum in order to overturn men’s convictions for sexual child assault. On November 20, 2016. a bill was passed to that effect: here:


In a move which has shocked world politicians, the Muslim

majority country proposed exonerating pedophiles en



The bill was approved in Turkey which overturns men’s convictions for child sexual assault. The new bill is meant to clear men of child sexual assault if they marry their victims as the Prophet Muhammad did with the seven-year-old Aisha.

Now Turkey’s sick president and government are totally following the Quran, hadith and the Prophet, by supporting and encouraging the raping of young children, boys and girls. It is now legal to have sex with a child. The Turkish constitution has now lowered the minimum age for sex with children from 15 years old to 4 years old.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, recently told a scared, weeping six year old little girl, dressed in a military uniform and a maroon beret, she would be honored if she were martyred for Turkey as he kisses her on the cheeks. These words are coming from a sick, perverted man that does not see anything wrong with raping young girls and was in favor of a bill legalizing that practice. Now he is glorifying the martyrdom of an innocent little child that doesn’t even know the meaning of martyrdom. Erdogan’s depraved thinking is perfectly in line with the teaching of the evil Prophet Muhammed. How outraged would you be if this sweet little girl were your daughter or granddaughter? In the West and the rest of the world, men use their bodies to shield women and children, but in Islam, women and children are used as human shields to protect the cowardly men.

President Erdogan is the number one invisible terrorist in the world. The number two is the Emir of Qatar, Sheik Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani. Both men are behind the Muslim Brotherhood Organization, the largest terrorist creator and supporter. The US should not make the same mistake of appeasement as Europe had made. These two men have to go if we want to dismantle terrorism.

The evil and perverted dictator, President Erdogan has called for a snap election to be held in June, 2018. The prospects of this being a truly free and fair election is almost zero. Why are European countries and the USA not calling for Turkey to be kicked out of NATO and the European Union? Erdogan is threatening Greece with the occupation of some of its islands. The EU has become extremely weak and silent. Greece must look to the United States and Israel for protection, and not to Europe. What is Turkey even doing in NATO? Has the West become so blind to not see they are passing on military secrets to Russia and China? Are Western leaders afraid to confront this evil president? Its only a matter of time before the Turkish people rise up and overthrow this oppressive regime.

Turkey, Greece and Western Europe

President Erdogan believes he is the new “Suleiman the Magnificent,” the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. In the 16th Century, Sultan Suleiman extended the Ottoman Empire through territorial expansion. Today, President Erdogan seeks to become the new Sultan Suleiman who in his day,  was widely regarded as the religious leader of Islam and the earthly ruler of most of the Sunni Muslims. Erdogan is the de facto leader of the violent organization, The Muslim Brotherhood. Soon he will undoubtedly test the Western world’s resolve by initiating a Turkish military occupation and claiming rights over some Greek Islands.


NATO should immediately expel Turkey from the NATO alliance, initiate a military blockade in the Mediterranean on land and sea to stop Turkey from continually sending Muslims to Europe with one objective in mind; the Islamization of Western Europe within the next 50 years. Greece should invite Israel and the United States to build a military base in one of the Greek Islands where Turkey is threatening invasion.

Muslim Women and Mothers Must Take to the Streets!

As I write this, women in Turkey are uprising against the abuse of children in that country. This is what we need, a revolution. Take all these so called religious scholars and punish them how you see fit after they have raped your little girl. Any Muslim human being with a conscience should run away from this evil, pedophilic, violent, hate filled religion. Islam needs to be banned from all societies, including Muslim countries.

Which God, Allah, Prophet, Ayatollah, imam, Caliph, Grand Mufti, could even consider such cruelty as the raping of young children, as young as four years old or even younger? You are sick people!  Even the Devil will protect his children. You have created an evil religion. A sex sect, killing machine that you tell us was revealed by God to your prophet Muhammad and his cousin Ali.

Enough with the brainwashing and fear tactics in the name of Islam. Islam is not a religion. It is a bunch of lies and deceits in order to protect the religious scholars that need to be punished and, at a minimum, jailed for life.

Stop Your Denial

The Muslims have been brainwashed with fear of questioning the prophet’s actions, hadith and Sharia Law. A Muslim will always find a reason why Islam is right in raping young children and using women as sex and providers of children. In a recent discussion with a close Muslim friend who is a physician, I brought up the new Turkish law legalizing child rape, imitating the prophet’s action. His response, “the Turkish government will make the rapist marry the young four-year-old girl as a remedy, because her parents will be ashamed of her.” To my utter disbelief, I asked my Muslim doctor friend, what about this pure innocent, helpless, defenseless and voiceless child and her future life? Should you not as a parent take her in, counsel her, help her, love her, and hug her instead of handing her over to the rapist who will just continue raping her? His response was silence. This is an educated, Western Muslim doctor.

There is only one solution available to the West: We need to bring a legal challenge to the US and European courts to ban Islam altogether. If this is not successful, the voters need to change the constitution. South American and other nations must ban Islam as a religion now, before it becomes a cancer. No Muslim in his or her right mind can carry on being a Muslim after reading these papers.

Action Required 

The time for action is now

To the Iranian people and the entire world of Muslim believers: Simply put, how can you accept the raping of your children at such a young age? You need to rise against these Ayatollahs, imams, religious scholars and kick them out in order to safeguard your little boys and girls from being constantly raped in the name of Islam. How evil can a religion be to impose such misery on its people? A revolution is needed by the young Muslims in order to get rid of Islam altogether.

Action: Islam Uprising at home

A message to the young, educated, and military: Drastic action by the educated young in the Middle East and Iran is needed first.

Iran: Rise up! Demonstrate by the millions, every woman, mother, sister, and student should demonstrate and expose the actual sexual abuses already committed by these mullah, imams, judges and their followers.

Turkey: These innocent children need the state, all fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers to protect them, not rape them. By the Turkish people doing nothing, they are indirectly supporting the rape and mistreatment of these innocent and helpless children by these bastards. How will a raped four-year-old child victim deal with life after this abuse? Maybe your perverted Prophet could answer that in Hell!  Actually, Hell is not enough for the Prophet Muhammad, the Ayatollahs, the imams, the caliphs and the rest of these rapists. I hope God could find a much worse punishment for these bastards, including President Erdogan and his team. I have faith in the Turkish people and military. It is now time to rise up against these bastards, politicians and religious scholars. Take to the streets, demonstrate, and punish these sick perverted politicians as you see fit.

Take these child molesters and punish them the way you feel it appropriate.

Shut down all the mosques and Islamic religious theology universities such as Al Azhar in Cairo, Madrassas and schools.

The Military, if it really cares for the safety and security for their people, must take over the country and arrest these religious pedophiles. Lock them up and throw away the keys

Jail all the imams and religious scholars.

A revolution cannot leave a vacuum with no authority, or law and order.  The Military would need to introduce a controlled system of democracy by starting with zero tolerance for any physical or sexual abuse in the police stations and jails. Hopefully what starts in Iran will spread to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim countries.

Its time to burn down these mosques and replace Islamic religion with Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion that does not rape young girls and boys. We had the Arab Spring uprising; now is the time for the Islamic Spring uprising.

Action: Support an Islamic uprising in the West

Cut all ties with Turkey to set an example of not supporting child rape.

The useless United Nations should denounce this new Turkish law legalizing the rape of children.

The guilty liberal media of CNN and MSNBC, starting with the Islamist bias Farid Zakaria, should expose Turkey and the innocent, helpless children of Turkey and other Muslim countries. Where is 60 Minutes? Where is Steven Sakur, Panorama? Where are the useless Human Rights cult organizations? Where is the world?

Muslim women should take off any head or face coverings.

Muslim men should shave their long beards. 

Shut down all mosques and Muslim sharia schools.

All Western mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers should take to the streets and peacefully demonstrate against Islam and its Sharia Law.

The churches, temples, believers in human decency, protectors of our children’s safety should have regular marches denouncing Islam altogether and demand the banning of Islam and closing down of the mosques.

Christian churches of any denomination, human rights organizations who failed in protecting these children and any other decent organizations who care for children, should take the lead in organizing these regular marches until our liberal politicians respond to the demands of the masses. Christianity is being eroded in Europe by the Islamists as I will demonstrate in later papers. Europe is becoming Eurabia.

We will hear the Muslim scholars argue there is no difference between the Muslim faith and Islamists. What a bunch of nonsense! The basis of Islamic teaching is evil. Dr. QantaAhmed, should be ashamed of herself as an intellect verifying the difference between Islam as a faith and Islamists as a political movement. Islam’s teachings and its practices of Sharia Law make it a violent political movement. Are you blind? Maybe you cannot read, but at least you can hear and see for yourself. Go back to where you came from and stop finding excuses for Islamic existence.

Another liar, Reza Aslan, claiming to be a Professor of religion, when he actually only holds a masters degree in fine arts. Reza Aslan always appears on CNN or MSNBC defending the religion of Islam, blaming atheists for violence against Muslims and claiming Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. First the University of California, Riverside should fire him for lying. Second, the United States should revoke his US nationality and send him back to Iran.

Amal Clooney, a hypocrite who often defend Islam. Amal Clooney should know better. She is a lightweight activist and so called author, specializing in International law and human rights. So, as a daughter of a Lebanese Druze father and a Sunni Muslim mother born in Lebanon, where were you and where are you now? Why are you not standing up for all these young girls, four years old and younger being raped by all these Muslim clerics, including your Prophet Muhammad? So much misery has been dictated by Islam and Sharia on their people, in particular young girls, boys, women and gays.

Of course, it is a no-no to criticize the Prophet and his pedophile religious clergies and disciples.  I dare you to stand up for these young four-year-old girls and boys. We keep reading all about the millions of dollars of houses and apartments you and George Clooney own or are about to buy. The expensive dresses you wear, but what about protecting these helpless defenseless, voiceless children? You are from the Middle-East. You would be fully aware of the atrocities towards young boys and girls of course. As all the liberal media, you will say it is very complicated and dangerous to expose Islam. Shame on you!  You have no principles! You Just want fame!

Queen Rania of Jordan, we simply quote your famous but untrue words,

“I’m amazed by the misconceptions about Muslim women and the Arab world that I hear, and that really does hurt me.” 

That is simply not the reality millions of Muslim women and girls face each day. In reality they are mistreated, abused, mutilated, and considered of far less worth than men.  Please read our ten part series on Islam and hopefully it will educate you and open your eyes to the true Islam. Be careful that Islam could bring an end to your family.

As for Europe, I start with Angela Merkel, who seems to give the Turkish President everything he asks for. Start by stopping all European visas to Turks. More importantly, unless Angela Merkel does a 180 degree turn on refugees and begins to deport them, she should resign. At the very least she should cut relations with Turkey in the name of these poor children that now do not even have the law or country to protect them. Angela Merkel will prove to be the biggest disaster for Europe since Hitler. Shame on you! NATO should throw Turkey out and replace it by admitting Russia as soon as possible. Europe and the US need a strong Russian leader now more than ever.

In Europe, only Gert Wilders and Marine Le Pen are hearing the cries of little Muslim girls and boys:

Gert Wilders: A statement in his trial confirms my view that Islam has hijacked the liberal European politicians’ freedom of speech that built the old democracy of Europe. Gert Wilders is 100% right in his statement and political convictions. Enough is enough. I had hopes the Dutch people would wake up, vote him in as it is already too late. Sadly he was not elected. Europe’s fabric is being hijacked by Islam. In the next 30 to 50 years, it will be called “Eurabia”, as Oriana Fallaci had the vision to predict it.

Marine Le Pen: Exactly the same will apply to France.  Marine Le Pen, of the National Front Leaders party, went on trial over Muslim remarks and was charged with inciting racial hatred for comparing Muslims praying in the street to the Nazi occupation. When will the French wake up? You can no longer wait for someone like your weak President Francois Hollande to lead you by the hands into the “Islamization” of France. You need leaders in Europe who have the courage to scrap the Schengen Treaty, bring back border control, dismantle the European Union and give each European country its identity back.

As I recall the great Prime Minister of Britain who once said, “Europe open borders is Europe open wounds”. If Margaret Thatcher was alive today she would have never stood for this Muslim invasion; they would have all been shipped back as quickly as they arrived.

Today the evil President Erdogan of Turkey, child rape supporter and his perverted government, have publicly threatened to open the doors for refugees to come to Europe. The first reaction from strong leadership in Europe is not to heed to blackmail by an evil leader like Erdogan. What did Merkel do? She gave in by providing open doors to all Turks. We must make it clear, we respect the Turkish people but we believe they have an evil President.

Here is what needs to happen:

Cut all relations with Turkey; kick Turkey out of NATO, and find a peaceful solution with a strong Russia. Russia has been intimidated by the West. The West needs to change their policies of intimidation and bring Russia into the European family.

Of course, the weak appeaser, Angela Merkel of Germany, will object to any action against Turkey.

Europe, you need Marine Le Pen and Gert Wilders, as it is almost too late for you.


The Uprising must continue


Mothers, sisters, young university students and anyone who cares about child abuse and rape must take action. The Turkish government withdrew as a result of the street protests. You cannot stop your protests; this is a tactical move.

Children are the future of every society. Do not let them down! President Erdogan should be punished before he turns Turkey into a Caliphate and turns the clock back a thousand years. The madman wants to be the Caliph of the Muslim world. STOP this madness before it is too late.

I appeal to what is left of the young officers in the military to take swift action. A successful coup organized by the military will this time, have the support of the people of Turkey.


The pedophile Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his perverted imams, your time is coming. You cannot depress your people forever. They will rise up sooner or later. I hope they follow the uprising in Turkey. Islam is not a religion. It is a violent, perverted political movement.

Note to readers:

God loves all human beings. He treats them as equals and protects the innocent, helpless and voiceless, especially the children. Allah (the devil) and Muhammed (the evil) support child rape, genital mutilation, the stoning of gays, degrading of women and the killing and cheating of non-Muslims.

Now we have exposed this fake and fabricated religion called Islam. You should be ashamed of being a Muslim. Any Muslim choosing to remain Muslim after reading and fact checking this material is simply following a horrific political movement.

All mosques must be shut down and we must take a position of zero tolerance.

We do not support any violence or hate speech against Muslims. We support freedom to speak against Islam. We support expressions through peaceful uprising, demonstrations and the ballot box.




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